Which wedding dresses would the ladies at Zankyou choose?

  • This would be my perfect wedding dress. A design with a discreet neckline, leaving my back on show. What I like most is a cut where volume starts at the waistline, a princess style with a jacquard fabric and a long train. It's my ideal dress, and the firm that I most like that reflects my style perfectly is Navascués. I'm passionate about their designs and this is one of them!

Dress:  Navascués. Credits: Navascués
  • This was easy for me. I'm quite tall, so I wanted a dress with natural draping and without much volume in the skirt, that's why I've chosen this design: Chloe by David Christian. Its simplicity, open back and metallic detail make it just perfect for me!

Dress: Chloe, by David Christian. Credits: David Christian.
  • My perfect wedding would be in a grand castle and my ideal dress would make me feel like a princess. This design by Pronovias encases perfection, something I've always dreamed about. A traditional ceremony a big reception with my family and friends and a huge party. This dress would definitely make me feel like the best bride in the world!

Dress: Constance, by Atelier Pronovias 2015. Credits: Pronovias
  • I've always loved simple, but romantic dresses. I dream of a winter wedding, where I'd wear this design by Rosa Clará, a dress with a minimalist style... it was love at first sight!

Dress: Sidon, by Rosa Clará. Credits: Rosa Clará
  • I dream about my wedding every day, and without doubt, I'd choose this dress from the 2014 collection by Isabel Zapardiez. I love the fitted shirt and the neckline of this design. An original style that is definitely to my taste!

Dress: Isabel Zapardiez 2014. Credits: Isabel Zapardiez
  • I'd love to wear a dress like this one for my wedding. The portrait back makes this dress an absolute dream. It's my ideal dress! Each detail is special: the lace, the ivory beading, the flowers… Elements that provoke a completely delicate and romantic look. Without doubt, the dress of my dreams!

Dress: Adeline, by Aire Barcelona 2015. Credits: Aire Barcelona
  • Every time I imagine myself as a bride, it's always with a simple design, that's why I've chosen this incredible dress by Panambi. I love this firm, and the elegance of its designs. This dress could be the dream of any bride, loose, light and slightly fitted on the hip with a beautiful gold leaf belt that adds a sophisticated touch. Everything a bride needs!

Dress: Panambi. Credits: Panambi
  • If I were getting married today, I'd choose a dress like this one by Navascués, with a natural tulle skirt and and a gold belt. The body would be lace, and without doubt, I'd have long sleeves and a closed neckline like this one. I'd complement it with something cute on my head, a veil or a hat of some sort!

Dress: Navascués. Credits: Navascués
    • The truth is, in my family we've never followed traditional wedding rules (my mum wore a black dress to her wedding, it was stunning!). What is my view? I'd never wear a long dress. Inspired by the Great Gatsby, this 1920's style dress is perfect to match with a little black leather jacket and casual hair or a bob. I'd choose a smokey look, just like a flapper girl. I'd be an alternative bride!

Dress: Reem Acra Autumn 2013. Credits: Reem Acra
    • I'd like my wedding dress to make me feel unique. I'd choose this design because it's something that I couldn't wear for any other occasion, so to me it's the perfect dress!

Dress: Allure Bridals. Credits: Allure Bridals
    • I love this wedding dress because it has everything a bride needs to look like a princess. The skirt is just a dream, the tulle petals with incredible draping has taken my breath away! Together they're a spectacular combination. I also love a sweetheart neckline. The best thing about it? It's the dress I'm going to wear for my wedding!

Dress: Martina, by Rosa Clará. Credits: Rosa Clará
    • After a lot of searching and some very difficult choices, I finally chose this design by Zoe de Christos. A slimline tulle dress with illusion neckline and floral details. Without this design, I just couldn't imagine myself dressed as a bride!

Dress: Zoe de Christos. Credits: Zoe de Christos
    • I've always imagined myself dressed as a princess on my wedding day. A huge dress and a spectacular open back. That's why, the moment I saw this design by Hayley Paige, I fell in love with it! I can imagine myself wearing it on my big day. It's definitely my dream dress!

Dress: Carrie, by Hayley Paige. Credits: JLM Couture
    • It's often said that once a bride has walked up the aisle, she'll never choose the same dress again. It's exactly the case with me. If I were to get married again, it would be in winter, and I'd make my dream come true of being surrounded by snow with a beautiful design by Rosa Clará. I love this ivory princess cut gown. I love all of her designs, but I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it. This would definitely be my choice!

Dress: Corcega, by Rosa Clará 2014. Credits: Rosa Clará
    • When I think of myself as a bride, I imagine a dress with a simple cut, with lace details and embroidery on the sleeves and bodice, with a romantic touch that all brides need. I'd like my dress to be light and comfortable so that I could enjoy my special day without feeling like I were wearing fancy dress. I'd also add a floral crown or a gold hairpiece, we can't forget about the importance of accessories!

Dress: Balsaldúa. Credits: Balsaldúa
    • I've chosen this dress because I believe that simplicity reigns over beauty. The back is extremely elegant, and the delicate lace detail is stunning. An imperial cut dress definitely suits my figure, and I just love it!

Dress: Ruiz, by Laure de Sagazan. Credits: Laure de Sagazan
    • Whenever I dream about my wedding day, I always dream of a design like this one. Something simple, with a floaty fabric combined with intricate details and a revealing transparent back. The beading gives it that special touch that all brides need on their wedding day. I think this is a dream dress for all brides. 

Dress: Clementine, by Anna Kara 2015. Credits: Anna Kara
    • Without doubt, the key word for me when it comes to wedding dresses is "bohemian", because it's the style that best matches my personality. I love this design because it looks so natural, casual and comfortable. I tend to choose comfort in my day to day clothes and even on special occasions. I think it's important for a bride to reflect her personality on her wedding day, so I'd definitely stay true to my style on my big day!

Dress: Navascués. Credits: Navascués
    • This was the dress I actually wore on my wedding day. I fell in love with it the very first moment I saw it in their beautiful shop! I love lace and that's one of the reasons I chose it. It was the first dress I tried on, and from that moment I knew it would be the dress for me. I tried on hundreds of others but eventually had to go back to this one!

Dress: Santa Monica, by Caroline Castigliano. Credits: Caroline Castigliano
    • I'd like to get married at a time of year when it's neither too hot or too cold. That's why, my ideal dress would be this one. A mermaid style dress with lace sleeves, that give it a really elegant and sophisticated touch. I love all dresses by Gio Rodrigues, but I've fallen in love with this one, it's a magnificent design from their 2015 collection that I'm sure I'll eventually wear on my wedding day!

Dress: Atelier Gio Rodrigues 2015. Credits: Gio Rodrigues
    • They say that Paris is the city of love, and that's why I can't imagine anything more romantic than walking up the aisle in a dress by French designer Rime Arodaky. The open back, the style and the fabric are the perfect combination for my dream dress, ideal for any type of bride. To me it's all about a design that evokes sensuality and elegance with a vintage touch, but what I love most, are the lace details and the possibility it offers to create a chic rock-chic look. Without doubt, a simple dress perfect for my style!

Dress: Izia, by Rime Arodaky. Credits: Rime Arodaky
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Working in the wedding industry, the ladies at Zankyou are often asked for their opinions on many wedding related things. From wedding themes and honeymoon destinations to reception venues and flowers, but the topic that most people want to talk to us about is their wedding dress!

We’re often asked: “What was your dress like?” or “Which style do you like most?” To us all dresses are beautiful in their own way and we appreciate that all brides have different styles and tastes, but what do we really think? And more importantly what would we choose ourselves?

Designs by Rosa Clará, Caroline Castigliano, Laure de Sagazan, Anna Kara, Pronovias and many more. Short dresses, long dresses, princess cut, lace, sleeveless, long sleeve, V shape neckline and open backs… We’re a real mix of styles here in the office and we wanted to share our personal tastes with you!

Have a look at this gallery where we show you what dresses we wore, or would love to wear. They definitely inspired us, so we hope they inspire you too!

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