Which wedding dresses would the ladies at Zankyou choose?

Which wedding dresses would the ladies at Zankyou choose?

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Working in the wedding industry, the ladies at Zankyou are often asked for their opinions on many wedding related things. From wedding themes and honeymoon destinations to reception venues and flowers, but the topic that most people want to talk to us about is their wedding dress!

We’re often asked: “What was your dress like?” or “Which style do you like most?” To us all dresses are beautiful in their own way and we appreciate that all brides have different styles and tastes, but what do we really think? And more importantly what would we choose ourselves?

Designs by Rosa Clará, Caroline Castigliano, Laure de Sagazan, Anna Kara, Pronovias and many more. Short dresses, long dresses, princess cut, lace, sleeveless, long sleeve, V shape neckline and open backs… We’re a real mix of styles here in the office and we wanted to share our personal tastes with you!

Have a look at this gallery where we show you what dresses we wore, or would love to wear. They definitely inspired us, so we hope they inspire you too!

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