Wedding dresses for expectant brides: Show off your bump in style in 2015!

  • Marie Laporte 2015 Lookbook.
  • ASOS 2015, ref. 504733.
  • Aire Barcelona 2015, ODESA.
  • Delphine Manivet 2015, ALIOCHA.
  • Delphine Manivet 2015, AMEDEE.
  • Séraphine, ANGELICA.
  • Tiffany Rose, ANNBI.
  • ASOS 2015, ref. 490945
    • ASOS 2015, ref. 525637
    • ASOS 2015, ref. 19954
    • ASOS 2015, ref. 525309
    • ASOS 2015, ref. 532534
    • Delphine Manivet 2015, ESTEBAN.
    • Séraphine Luxe, GENEVIEVE.
    • Delphine Manivet 2015, JACOB.
    • Lindegger küssdiebraut 2015, BELLA.
    • Lindegger küssdiebraut 2015, FAYE PEARL.
    • Lambert Créations 2015, VALENTINE.
    • Pronovias 2015 Fashion, MANAMI
    • Delphine Manivet 2015, MAURICE.
    • Pronovias 2015 Fashion, MAXIMA.
    • Delphine Manivet 2015, OZGUR.
    • Séraphine Luxe.
    • Séraphine Luxe.
    • Tiffany Rose, SEVGIL.
    • Tiffany Rose, CONGLI.
    • Tiffany Rose, VALGIL.
    • Delphine Manivet 2015, YUKO top ROBINSON skirt.
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Expecting a baby is such a special moment, and as important as planning your wedding is, we can’t forget about what’s truly important in life. Many women think that being pregnant will scupper their chances of looking glamorous in a beautiful bridal gown, but this is definitely not the case! Not only because you already look incredibly radiant during pregnancy but there are so many amazing bridal designs that are created especially with mums-to-be in mind. Maternity bridal gowns need to be comfortable above all else, and the style that fits this profile the best is an imperial cut gown and light fabrics such as silk, chiffon or crepe.

In our gallery we show you designs by Delphine Manivet, Pronovias and Aire Barcelona, that can easily be adapted and tailored for expectant brides, and also specialist maternity gowns by Tiffany Rose, Séraphine and ASOS.

Congratulations on both accounts!

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