Tie the knot in a bow accesorised dress in 2016: Think outside of the 'box' and more like a 'bow'

Take a look at our Bow inspired bridal dresses for 2016, for the modern day bride there is not a more modern day look!

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The modern day bride is always looking for the most modern day look! A wedding dress can sing so many stories, vintage, chic, contemporary, traditional and there are so many more! Wedding dresses now come in different styles, sizes and fabrics, with a variety of complimentary details and the most fashionable and upcoming is bows. Why not tie the knot, with a knot detail, a bow. Imagine how much fun you could have inventing a theme around such a ‘small’ detail!

From the groomsmens’ outfits to guests favours it really is an emblematic and romantic detail to be considered for your special day. Therefore it is becoming a real fashionable trend to be included certainly on wedding dresses for 2016. Brides are looking to achieve the WOW factor with the smallest of details and the bow is certainly a small detail, that makes a massive impact.

We have selected a gallery including some ‘to die for’ wedding dresses for 2016 that will leave you seriously considering having a bow over lace trimming! The detail enhances open back detail just perching itself at the bottom of your open detailed dress or a one sleeved ensemble with shoulder detail. We love the look and think you will too, take a look through all the different styles we have selected to inspire you to think outside of the box and more in the shape of a bow.

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