Romance and Mystique With Savannah Miller's 2018 Fall Collection 'Isolde's Dream'

Inspired by the ancient romance of Tristan and Isolde, Savannah Miller's new collection is a bohemian dream. Check it our for yourself now!

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A bohemian at heart, Savannah Miller’s new Fall Collection for 2018 – Isolde’s Dream, named for the historic tale of forbidden love between Tristan and Iseult – is a reimagination of the brand’s infamous boho-chic style with a more sophisticated edge. Drawing inspiration from the old Gaelic tale, Savannah Miller creates a collection that reflects, as the designer herself puts it, the ethereal intoxication that is falling in love”. And this is skillfully done through the combination of traditional silhouettes with romantic features such as lace, beading and ruffles. 

Simplicity defines Isolde’s Dream, a kind of elegance that most designers struggle to achieve. The decision of the designer to use a similar sheath shape for each gown, and then create ambience and beauty through accessories and additional features is particularly effective – drama is created by the sequin skirts, the pools of train and the trellis lace. This is most demonstrable in the Vivien gown, a luxurious sheer dress made attention-grabbing by the accompaniment of an ostrich feather capelet.

Savannah Miller knows how to cater to the modern woman. In this collection, she presents an array of gowns perfect for the 21st century girl looking for a unique look in the very traditional world of bridal fashion. With a sense of freedom, adventure, and most importantly romance, the Isolde’s Dream collection is perfect for anyone looking for a dress for their vintage or bohemian themed wedding. Check out the rest of the gallery now…

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