Retro weddings: Chic minimalism for 2015

Retro weddings: Chic minimalism for 2015

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What exactly is “retro”?

The word itself comes from the Latin meaning “backwards”, which might give us a few clues as to its meaning and the sometimes overused term. So is it the same as “vintage”? Essentially… no. Retro isn’t meant to duplicate the style of an earlier era. In a nutshell, retro can be a physical object or a notion which shares the nostalgia of another time, but whose appearance has been renewed or given a modern day twist. Retro is also more commonly used to define things dating from the 1950’s to the 1980’s (or the 1990’s if you’re in your 20s!) Whereas vintage is generally pre 1940’s going back as far as the 1800’s and earlier.

One this is for sure, retro is cool and retro is back, and for 2015 retro is taking on a chic minimalist look for weddings. We’ve put together this cute gallery full of all things retro for your wedding. Dresses, shoes and accessories. Everything you need to rock your inner retro bridal look!

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