Princess-Inspired Wedding Dresses With Chantal Romano for 2019

With dresses fit for royalty, Chantal Romano is set to enchant 2019 with her new collection. Take a look now, and fall head over heels!

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Chantal Romano has been in the bridal fashion industry since 1994, and her latest collection for 2019 reveals that with time comes unbeatable experience, and a true eye for what is going to be popular not only amongst brides, but other designers too. The movement for women’s rights around the world has exploded in the last year, with the #MeToo and #NiUnaMenos campaigns, and Chantal Romano wanted to create a bridal collection that celebrates this incredible female empowerment. However, the brand also aimed to use this new range to celebrate the individual woman, and her unique personality.


All of the gowns are named for famous women in history and cinema – from Queens, to superheroes, to our favorite Disney princesses – and are as regal as their titles suggest they should be. Luxurious fabrics, rich embroidery, and very tasteful embellishments are utilized in every gown, and we are certain that every woman would feel absolutely magical whilst wearing one. For example, the incredible tulle bell sleeves of the Aurora gown are completely enchanting, whilst the beautiful tiered ruffles on the Pocahontas skirt create drama and flair. Every gown has a competing feature that makes it unique and exciting – scroll through our gallery to discover them all!

Chantal Romano’s new collection comes at a time when women need to celebrate their identities more than ever, and with these very special gowns, every bride will be able to do so. Balancing the perfect line between revealing and modest, these dresses would be the perfect accompaniment for your wedding day, regardless of setting or theme – feel free, and feel female in the new collection for 2019 from esteemed designer Chantal Romano.

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Princess-Inspired Wedding Dresses With Chantal Romano for 2019