Make a bridal colour statement at your 2016 wedding with these colourful duos

Why not add that hidden wow factor and have colourful wedding shoes. Whether a short dress to show them off or a coloured court to peep out from under your full length frock, take a look at this gallery.

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When choosing the all important footwear for various occasions, it turns out that perfect pins are beneficial, especially when you will walk all day and dance all night. There are thousands of styles, some new and some trends that repeat each season, each time with a slight difference creating a different.

When we are talking about an elegant and classy style, the choice of shoe is a very important detail. Wedding shoes does not mean white shoes on a low pin, what if you have a short wedding dress and the shoes are on show? We are becoming more practical and we need more versatile options for those stunning stiletto’s that we will ‘don on the day.’ We do not want shoes that look insanely high and uncomfortable nor ones that are not and never have been our style or preference, for this reason we have collected a range of colourful wedding shoes for 2016 to suit all! Here are just 30, of one of the most important brides details for you to peruse and become inspired.

With of all the colours, styles and fits that already appear today, there are so many types to consider. The material is also important as you want something of the best quality and style so being made of leather or suede is a great option. Coloured stiletto’s are a very attractive and unique options but also for all to consider especially if you will be hosting a destination wedding, sandals, studded with stones, glitter and straps… Here are almost all the possible proposals from shoe designers to give you itchy feet!

There are many options that you can wear to feel beautiful on your wedding day. Some of the collection will be perfectly suited and complement some brides and for others they will have an alternative preference. Whether you are a fun and frolic kind of bride wanting colour with a statement pair or you would like a traditional classical form, we can recommend many also in white, but they are equally as spectacular shoes. Pupa Lopez and Jimmy Choo have model in their collection designs!

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