Choose your luxury Jimmy Choo style to create a show stopping strutt for your 2016 wedding

Ladies, you ned to think of how you will strutt your stuff on your 2016 wedding day, so look no further than our gallery including Jimmy Choo style shoes.

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The most important and first thing we think of when we decide to get married is where we will the celebration with our guests to celebrate this uber important day.

Once we have the venue, we set off to find the perfect wedding dress of which we have always dreamed of, and after the dress…..Shoes! The shoe and dress combination is a similar fit to the Bride and Groom, it must be perfect! The shoes need to be so many things, fashionable, comfortable, pretty and that’s if they are not on show with a full length dress. Attention to detail is what always stands out at weddings, whether its table decoration, the way the napkins are folded or the colour of the grooms tie matching the bridesmaids dresses. Remember, all these things become the point of visual interest within your wedding photos, which you will naturally look back on for years to come.

The details are what put the icing on the ‘wedding cake’ so from the footwear, to the brides hairstyle, jewellery and bouquet, naming but only a few, they are important. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of bridal shoes, with a particular feature on Jimmy Choo. Unique and full of style, strut all your bridal beauty with these designs if you are getting married in 2016.

There are a number of styles, court shoes, round toe, white, off white, strap, sandal and high heels. Others include the lower height heel for those brides who are slightly taller or just want to enjoy being more comfortable. The gallery includes designs including details such as embroidery, glitter effect, with diamontes for those more daring brides that would like to give a touch of sparkle and light to your look.

Try not to swoon for too long, as hard as it may be, but be sure to pay careful attention to each design as we are sure there will be more than at least two pairs that you will ‘um and arrr over’ to complete your bridal day look.

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