High necklines: Ethereal Bridal Romance for 2015

High necklines: Ethereal Bridal Romance for 2015

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For weddings at this time of year, brides tend to look for a slightly more demure and wintery look. Goodbye summery strapless gowns and hello long sleeves and in this case high necklines. The frosty weather is just perfect to play around with this glamorous trend for 2015. Brands such as Aire Barcelona and Vera Wang combine vintage lace, a bohemian spirit and an incredibly romantic character to create these beautiful high neck designs.

These dresses focus the attention onto the bride’s face giving an incredibly regal and innocent aspect, almost ballerina like. They also elongate the silhouette, perfect for brides wanting to appear taller and slimmer. In this gallery we show you a variety of high neck designs. All you need is fabulous bridal hair for people to admire!

Could your dream dress be amongst them?

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