Embody Strength and Unfalleable Power With Amare Couture: The Alexandria Collection by Casablanca Bridal

If you're looking for a bridal gown to set you aside from the rest, look no further. The new collection for 2020 brides from the Alexandria Collection has everything and more!

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Amare Couture Bridal is a division of one of the most well-known bridal brands, Casablanca Bridal. And what marks this brand as one of the fastest growing bridal suppliers is its commitment to design and production. Amare Couture Bridal is committed to creating hand crafted bridal gowns that reflect fashion-forward designs. Each Amare Couture dress is hand-made using the finest quality fabrics, lace, Swarovski crystals, and hand-sewn embellishments.

Their new 2020 collection is sure to make a profound entrance to bridal style. Unveiling the awe-inspiring Alexandria Collection, the Zankyou team did not know they could be so impressed! Defined as “the defender of men,” Alexandria need not sacrifice poise for power as her presence emanates an air of unmatched strength. And this strength can be translated onto the bride who chooses one of these gorgeous and unique designs.

Only the most refined silks and gleaming jewels are worthy of adorning the Amare bride from head to toe, as she radiates confidence at every sparkling turn. One thing that makes this collection stand out from the rest is its customisable quality. Brides who truly want to personalise their bridal style are given the opportunity to customise an already beautiful design to fit their personal style to the exact detail. What’s more, these gowns are fitted for plus-size brides too, so you can look and feel amazing whatever your shape or size. Form-fitting designs sculpt the bride’s voluptuous shape while blooming ball gowns set the stage for a jaw-dropping entrance. Sensual and irresistibly seductive, this brand-new collection paints the perfect picture of glamour for the modern-romantic bride who won’t settle for any less than utmost royalty.

If you are looking for a bridal gown to set you aside from the rest, what are you waiting for? Take a looking through this gallery of gowns from the Amare Couture: The Alexandria Collection by Casablanca Bridal for 2020 brides!

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