Doigt de Fée: a hairdresser & make-up artist to enhance your beauty at home on your big day

With Elody from Doigt de Fée, on your wedding day you will be in the best hands both for your beauty and your bridal hairstyle!

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It is in Marseille that Doigt de Fée will create the most beautiful of the bridal hairstyles for you! Would you line a hairstyle designed exclusively for you? Are you planning to adapt the trendiest look like your favorite celeb? With these professional scissors everything is possible.

A hairdresser at home on your wedding day

On the big day, Elody joins you where your preparations take place, with her pretty dressing table to instantly transport you to a cocoon atmosphere. She will take good care of pampering you. With a very subtle and intelligent approach, she will infuse your time together with her own tranquility and the ability to make you laugh so that you are fully relaxed when you go to the altar.

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Doigt de Fée

The perfect bridal hair

As you will discover throughout this gallery, by swiping the photos, Doigt de Fée has been involved in many fashion-inspired shoots and creates absolutely sublime bridal hairstyles. Whether you fancy dressing it up with a wreath of fresh flowers, head jewelry, different types of hair clips, or prefer something more natural like pretty curls with loose hair framing your face, she knows how to do it and will find how to enhance the features of your pretty face. Would you like a plus? She makes your hair accessories herself!

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Doigt de Fée

Your make-up for the big day

Doigt de Fée does not only focus on making your hair look beautiful, she also knows how to put on and reveal all the beauty of your face like a make-up artist! Depending on your complexion and your hair as well as your desires, she will offer you a more or less intense make-up to match both your own taste and the trend of the moment.

Together, the hair and face care ritual give an incomparable result, you will be radiant on your day! Do not hesitate to contact Doigt de Fée to look great on your wedding day!

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