A century of bridal gowns… Which era is your favourite?

  • 1900: Victorian style gown
  • 1900: Victorian gown
  • 1900: Victorian style gown
  • 1910: Jenise Poiret by Paul Poiret
  • 1910: Poiret for Vogue
  • 1920´s: Flapper style dresses
  • 1920´s: Dress inspired by Coco Chanel
  • 1930´s: 1930's style gown
    • 1930´s: Great Gatsby inspired look
    • 1940´s: Hollywood glamour
    • 1940´s: Lace and red lips
    • 1950´s: Midi style gown
    • 1950´s: Midi length gown
    • 1960´s: 1960's style crochet dress
    • 1970´s: A bohemian 70's look
    • 1970´s: Solange's look by Stephane Rolland was inspired by the 70's
    • 1970´s: Crochet dress with long sleeves
    • 1980´s: Colouful bridal hair for an 80's bride
    • 1980´s: Punk rock chick brides by  Ferre Sposa
    • 1990´s: A minimalist era has arrived
    • 1990´s: Minimalist floor length dress
    • 2000: Volume and midi length for the modern bride
    • 2000: The peplum has arrived
  • [ALT] 15+

Wedding gowns have evolved immensely over the years. There has never been such a wide choice of styles, colours, designs and details when it comes to choosing the dress of your dreams, but dresses haven’t always been as beautiful and magical as they are today! If you’re a lover of all things vintage or retro, you may know about the evolution of the bridal gown but did you know all about the specific decades? Here is a lovely gallery that traces your twentieth century wedding dress through the years.

In this gallery we can see different types of styles. Long, midi, short, minimalist… Which style do you prefer?

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