The Best of Dior Couture for the Autumn Winter season for 2015/16

Dior, Amor, fashion and femininity! Peruse the Dior Couture collection for Autumn Winter 2015/2016 here.

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A Garden of earthly fashionable delights, a showcase of paradise, a vision of creative experience! The selection expresses itself with its simplicity, beauty and decadence as seen through the eyes of the French masters. It is a runway to feast your eyes on.

The haute Dior couture collection for the autumn winter 2015/16 season, was artistically created and presented by Raf Simons, Christian Dior’s Artistic Director, introducing more of the ever popular lines designed and created for French couture. The original inspiration for the collection came via the French master, Flemishs’ view of the infamous painting of Adam and Eve. The mastery technique and beauty of the artistic gesture illustrated by the real versus the almost unreal, almost insinuating that one can not exist without the other.

This coming season Dior presents their famous coat designs, showing similarities with the layers of the late middle ages. The length of some of the presented collection demonstrate a complex and detailed design process. The attention to detail in the garments is incredible and really defines each individual garment as unique.

Video credit: Christian Dior

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