Mens Emporio Armani 2016 Spring Summer Collection

Emporio Armani, Menswear to become indulged and draped in. Latest fashions, sexiest lines and and newest collections for 2016.

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With the men’s Armani collection for 2016 being paraded for all to see, it is quite obvious that the style is formal! It is sexy yet sophisticated and we all want our man to have those two looks. Armani will compliment your handsome chaps for any and all occasions, pre wedding dinner rehearsal, wedding suit, anniversary celebration, well, any occasion. There is no excuse good enough not to purchase yourself something from the collection and feel a million dollars.

The collection lends itself well to be dressed up or down, depending on the look you want to achieve, the quality and finishing lines will sit perfectly on broad shoulders or small frames, the beauty is in the way its worn.

Not to mention the colour and texture that you have to consider, dark navy, midnight black, metallic….so many to choose from…..Who said that suits were all the same? Well, Armani are introducing a whole new fashion level to men’s suits, taking you to a whole other level of looking super dappa for any occasion.

Here you can peruse a number of lines and be inspired by some designs and styles that maybe you haven’t nor wouldn’t have considered. There is no such thing as ‘one fits all’ with Armani’s bespoke range where everyone will find something that fits and suits.

Video credit: ARMANI

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