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Love is always in fashion! Discover 100 years of wedding dress styles in three minutes!

Watch this fashion inspiring video to discover what bridal era you will choose to influence and include in your 2016 wedding bridal wear.

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Mode.com has gone do and made a fantastic representational video into bridal fashion from the last 100 years. This video presents ideas that are only achievable with the right style, makeup and hair styles not to mention floral accessories! The video covers 10 decades in just 3 minutes and really does give inspiration and ideas to all brides to be.

The video begins with a fashion example from 1915 and is well accompanied by the wedding march and then classical music, presenting a demure bride, with a huge bouquet of white teardrop style flowers featuring beautiful green leaves. We then see a 1925 gown that is completely different in style and fit, with a main motif of pearls as elegant and refined as the era.

Luscious lillies, jeweled crowns and capes detailing many buttons along with a lace compliment is the fashion of the 30’s. Contrary to the designs in 1945 where fabric was becoming more and more of a statement. For us, the big bow that sits at the bottom of the back, long lace sleeves, with an almost fabric tattoo effect is loved by designers for next season. A simple veil to accompany a midi dress is a design that will never go out of fashion and representing the most desiring of brides in a 50’s dress.

Watching the following years, the video presents a remarkable change, including dresses with a lot of material such as those that we see in the 60’s and 80’s designs, to the more relaxed, flowing dresses in true boho chic 70’s design. Undoubtedly, the arrival of the year 2000 has been suggested that less is more, a beautiful veil, the flowers according to your taste, and some details in line with the trends, you can achieve an accurate and desired look to suit you and your day. Remember, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and that the dress is just what compliments your body and shape.

To finish, last but not least the video ends with a gown inspired by the trends of 2015 and are sweeping this year with transparent fabrics, jewels and gem stones, lace, belts, veils and a huge smile are the latest bridal design. We recommend that you do not miss a minute of this spectacular video, so you can choose the design and era you love and that suits you and your day best.

Photo/Vídeo: Mode

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