Have you ever considered trying on your mother’s wedding dress?

Watch as three daughters try on their mother’s wedding dress... Their reactions were priceless!

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You must have taken a peek at the wedding dress your mother has stashed in the back of her wardrobe or in some corner of the house? You’ll have seen the pictures of the wedding many times, and might have wondered just how in hell she could wear that dress with shoulder pads, or maybe you question how she could fit in it. But, did you ever imagine how you might?

If you think you’re excited about picking out the perfect dress for your big day, how do you think you’d feel many years after the wedding seeing your daughter wearing it? It may not be quite the tender emotional moment you imagine. Check out this video showing the reaction of three mothers seeing their daughters in their wedding dresses. Take a look at their priceless reactions, if only we could also see what was really going through their minds!

Mum may or may not play a massive part in the planning process, but she definitely is in the search party when it comes to helping you find your dream dress. On the big day itself she will also be by your side buttoning you into your dress. So share this video with mum and maybe surprise her by trying on her wedding dress too!

Video credits: BuzzFeedVideo

Photo credits: Sara Krauss

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