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Fashionable female femininity from the last 100 years in a video.

Some fun and flirtatious examples in a short video of women's underwear and the changes over the last 100 years.

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Mode.com did it again, but on this occasion they bring us a short video, less than three minutes showcasing 100 years of different female lingerie fashion. Which style is yours?

A very important part when it comes to preparing for your wedding, is the selection of lingerie for the wedding night. Then of course the following nights, honeymoon and rest of your lives. Feeling sexy is a personal gift that we do for ourselves and our partners and so selecting the right outfit is necessary.

Team Mode on their YouTube channel takes us on a journey through time showing the evolution of women’s intimate apparel, from 1915 to today 2015. It reflects the modesty of the early years from how the clothing was worn at that time, and presents us more modern and bold designs such as animal print, lace and very diaphanous fabrics. As we approach 2016, the garments warm up the temperature to create designs more hot as opposed to the usual in the early decades of the last century.

For the 2015 lingerie show, we see our Germaine accompanied by Nichols, plus size model, cancer survivor and model Danielle Ornier Rain Dove, known worldwide for modeling.

Cover Photos / Video: Mode – Youtube

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