Real Wedding: Alexandra +Telmo: A Testament to Patience being a Virtue!

A rocky start led to a beautiful, blossoming relationship between two Portuguese people living in Germany. Witness their emotional and sentimental big day through the artistic eye of XPTO Cinematography.

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Alexandra and Telmo both live in Germany and they met in a club called “Hafenliebe”, which could’ve been the foreshadowing for them falling in love at first sight, since translated into English “Hafenliebe” would be something like “Harbour of Love.” But even the name of the club didn’t exactly inspire Alexandra, who admits that the first time she saw Telmo she wasn’t remotely interested. He, however, did not give up and commenced pursuit…

Given that they had a mutual friend, Telmo eventually got the name of the woman who had charmed him that night and tried to contact her via Facebook. What happened? Nothing. Alexandra still didn’t show any signs of interest. After their somewhat unsuccessful online encounter they ran into each other a few times, but only six months after their first meeting did they start going out. And all because of Telmo’s insistence!

The Proposal

The proposal came at the end of a holiday they took together in 2014. Alexandra was far from guessing what would happen when she sat on a wall by the beach, somewhat annoyed to think that Telmo wanted to see cars and motorbikes at an event that was taking place there, instead of enjoying the sun and the sea with her. But then when she least expected it, the unexpected happened and…Telmo asked her to marry him!

Organisation of the Wedding

The marriage was organised by them, with the help of family members, (particularly Temo’s parents, who tried to make sure that the smaller details were organised so that the couple could deal with the Church, location and everything else without burning out.) When they came to Portugal, Telmo and Alexandra mentioned that, incidentally, the biggest difficulty they felt when organising the wedding was not being able to do everything via email. So they had to take some time off work and other commitments to come back to Portugal for a few days of wedding organisation.

However, they do point out that getting in touch with XPTO was a very straightforward process. Alexandra had the idea of ​​giving the wedding video to Telmo as a gift. So she and her mother-in-law started the search for the perfect cinematographic professional. After spending some time researching and viewing numerous professional videos, Alexandra fell in love with XPTO Cinematography’s videos, and they, in turn, liked the idea that the wedding video was a surprise for Telmo.

All the suppliers, in fact, helped a lot with the organisation of the wedding, but Alexandra and Telmo couldn’t emphasise enough the fundamental support of their family and the people they know in Figueira da Foz.

The Big Day

The inspiration for the wedding itself was taken from Pinterest, but more than anything they wanted to still stay true to their personal style. So they didn’t really opt for a theme as such, even though Alexandra made a point of choosing her favourite flowers… in healthy quantities! All they really wanted was to have a simple wedding party with family and friends.

The day went beautifully in the end. The only thing they mention that they’d do differently is possibly simplify things a bit. Guess where they decided to honeymoon? Portugal! Where they have dear family and friends. They decided to go on a road trip and visit all the places they hadn’t visited in their beloved country!


Venue: Quinta da Salmanha | Photography: Nuno Ferreira Photography | Video: XPTO Cinematografia | Dress: Pronovias | Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss | Band: DUO Musical Sanpedro | Decoration: Bouquet de Liz (Mira) | Catering: Quinta da Salmanha | Shoes: Evita Shoes | Make-up: Eugenia from Julia Cabeleireiros (Figueira da Foz).

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