Your Dream Wedding in Italy: Top Tips from the Professionals

Not only is it famous for its exquisite art, impressive architecture and excellent espresso; Italy, the land of la dolce Vita, is also known for its fashion and delicious cuisine, not to mention the fact that it boasts some of the most romantic and stunning views in the world. Here at Zankyou, we think that all of this makes it the perfect destination for your wedding. Really, what more could you ask for? If you’re planning on tying the knot in Italy, we’re here to give you a helping hand! We got in touch with some incredible wedding professionals from throughout Italy and asked for their best advice on how to give your wedding some authentic Italian flavour and make the most of getting married in their wonderful country.

Tip 1: Make the most of Italian cuisine

Il Pavone Bianco, a wedding planning company based in the north of the country on the iconic Lake Como has given us some amazing tips for couples looking to tie the knot in this exquisite setting about what to eat on your big day. Their number one piece of advice: always choose local catering.
Wedding Planning: Il Pavone Bianco
They told us that you absolutely must have an “Isola Rustica” if you want your wedding to be typically Italian. In case you’re not sure what exactly this is, an Isola Rustica is a centrepiece on each table filled with local Italian meats and cheeses; Prosciutto di Parma, parmiggiano, mozzarella etc. What is there not to love about this amazing Italian wedding tradition? Count us in!
Wedding Planning: Il Pavone Bianco

Tip 2: Dress the Italian way 

Wedding planner Luisa Di Massa, based in Naples in the south of Italy points out: “To celebrate your wedding in the perfect Italian style, I would start with choosing your outfits.” She told Zankyou that an elegant dress or suit that has been tailor-made in Italy is always the best choice for both the bride and the groom.
In addition to this, Luisa advises to always pay particular attention to the details: from the choice of the invitations (which must be simple and elegant) to the wedding favours. You should always aim to amaze and ‘wow’ your guests, and leave them with memories of your wedding day that will last a lifetime.
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Wedding Planning: Luisa Di Massa

Tip 3: Take advantage of your surroundings

If you’re getting married in Italy, you want to ensure that you make the most of the country’s rich culture and history and Green Park Hotel Pamphili gave us some superb advice on how to do this. This beautiful hotel on the outskirts of Rome recommends to include Italy’s famous ancient architecture in your wedding photoshoot to make your wedding even more magical and memorable. Our friends at the Green Park Hotel suggest using Italy’s mythical and historical monuments and artefacts to add a touch of antiquity and romanticism into your wedding photos. Their venue, which is surrounded by 4 hectares of green parks and is only 5km away from the Vatican, is perfect for this, since their ideal location means that you can quickly and easily get to the city centre of Rome and be surrounded by the most iconic Roman architecture. Who doesn’t want to feel like a Roman goddess on their wedding day?
Venue: Green Park Hotel Pamphili
Mauro Silvestre, an outstanding photographer based in Naples, is also keen to advise couples to make the most the stunning Italian surroundings. If you’re looking for a photographer to help you with this, Mauro is the one! He is passionate about using the local environment in order to create simple and organic images.
Photo: Mauro Silvestre
His photography style is based on spontaneity and favours a journalistic style, capturing feelings and raw emotion rather than a more posed approach. In his opinion, “beauty is synonymous to simplicity” and he therefore takes a natural and relaxed approach and never fails to perfectly integrate the surrounding enviroment into your wedding photos to produce incredible results.
Photo: Mauro Silvestre
If the north of Italy has captured your heart, then it would be a crime not to make the most of the surroundings up there. Garda Wedding Events is a wedding planner and tour operator based in Lake Garda, a stunning lake which is surrounded by lemon trees, olive groves and enchanting gardens. And if you’re not already convinced by how romantic this location is, it’s also right near the home of Romeo and Juliet! With the incredible surroundings and local products, there really is nothing more Italian. Garda Wedding Events told us, “We promise that your wedding will be memorable in every sense of the word, from a beautiful and emotional setting, to the tasty food and locally selected wines.”
Wedding Planning: Garda Wedding Events

Tip 4: Love the Italian way 

Wendy & MarionWedding Fairies

“We believe that beauty will save the world. We believe that love conquers all. Always. We believe that freedom lies in choices made with passion. Even the smallest. We believe that each wedding is a spell that lasts a lifetime” says  Wendy and Marion.

Wendy & Marion


Wendy & Marion
We don’t know about you, but we’re already packing our suitcases and planning our perfect Italian wedding! With the help of  Il Pavone Bianco, Wendy & Marion, Luisa Di Massa, Green Park Hotel Pamphili, Mauro Silvestre and Garda Wedding Eventsorganising your dream wedding in this wonderful country is simple and your big day is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. What are you waiting for?
If you’re also considering having your wedding in the land of sunshine and sangría, check out some incredible destination wedding venues in Spain! We would totally recommend La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel as an ideal wedding venue. Situated between Malaga and Granada, this hotel provides everything that you need for a perfect wedding: idyllic surroundings, a fantastic team, a variety of rooms,  incredible food and luxury accomodation. Get in touch with them and see for yourself!

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