YolanCris presenting sensual and spectacular wedding dresses for 2016

YolanCris enters the universe and be seduced by its amazing dresses. Very personal designs that will make you feel special on your wedding day. Do not miss all these sisters have prepared for 2016.

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When we mention and talk about wedding dress brand designers YolanCris we immediately think quality and style. The qualities are clearly demonstrated in the precious designs, that year after year have thousands of ‘brides to be’ from all over the world, impatiently waiting to see the collection and wear one of the dresses. This year, Yolanda and Cristina Perez, sisters and creators of YolanCris, celebrate their tenth year anniversary in changing and improving the bridal fashion within the wedding world. They are also celebrating the success that they have achieved in assisting women in one of the most important days of their lives by supplying gorgeous gowns and inspiring ideas.

Here we show you some of the latest creations and looks for some of the most desirable dresses to choose from to say ‘I do’ in 2016. A very elegant collection that reminds us of the beauty and elegance that haute couture bridal wear offers.

saveDante, YolanCris.Learn more about “Dante, YolanCris.”
Dante. Credits: YolanCris
saveGuitard, YolanCris.
Guitard. Credits: YolanCris

The designs have their own personality, without losing the essence that characterises them, a boho chic style that continues to thrive whenever it is worn. We can see this demonstrated in the fresh and light fabrics that each dress is created with sensual transparencies. Delicate long dresses with close and tight body hugging detail defining the most feminine of bodyshapes. 

saveBesalu, YolanCris.
Besalu. Credits: YolanCris
saveOlesa, YolanCris.
Olesa. Credits: YolanCris

Feminine and sensual, incorporating embroidered and trimmed details make each dress unique. An Ibizan air for a casual bride who wants to feel comfortable yet gorgeous during her special day. Fabrics modelling the female figure, fine silk tulle or linen that most of the dresses are created. Another trend that YolanCris has incorporated into their designs for next season is floral embroidery, cascading over the bust.

saveFontanella, YolanCris.
Fontanella. Credits: YolanCris
saveViladomat, YolanCris.
Viladomat. Credits: YolanCris

The neckline on all dresses is important and YolanCris have really considered a little bit of everything, from demure, box shape and vee neck styles to give a sophisticated touch to the whole look. Also, remembering the back of the dress as this is what the majority of your guests will see certainly during the ceremony. Something with an open back, which is extremely feminine yet at the same time refined.

saveTarragona, YolanCris.
Tarragona. Credits: YolanCris
saveUrgell, YolanCris.
Urgell. Credits: YolanCris
saveVillamari, YolanCris.
Villamari. Credits: YolanCris

Beautiful designs and a signature brand YolanCris, presenting another romantic, feminine and unique collection of bridal wear for 2016. Inspiring brides from all over the world, take a look and decide on one of these unforgettable dresses for your wedding day. Do not hesitate to peruse their latest fashions and designs making you that elegant and sexy bride.

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