Winter wedding shoes – top tips


Brrr, it’s cold! The wind has blown the UK wild over the last few weeks and having your wedding in this weather presents a whole set of challenges. With the temperatures dropping, brides need to make sure their goose bumps don’t show too much, and one way of doing that is by ensuring that your wedding shoes are suitable for this winter weather.

In our winter wedding series we talked about keeping warm all over. We’ve also recently told you that wedding dresses with sleeves are in fashion – hurrah! – which means covering up is not such a bad thing in the wedding world. Covering up is also the way to go with your shoes in winter. And even though you really might want to wear sandals, neither do you want to have a red nose in the reception because those wet feet have turned into a cold!

Of course, as with wedding dresses, you can change shoes as many times as you like during the day – so if those sandals are essential, go for it! But in the meantime, here are our recommendations for winter wedding shoes that will keep you warm, dry and looking extremely cute 😉

* Closed shoes – peep toes are divine, as are strappy sandals, but in bad weather, close up your shoe! This doesn’t mean you have to go for heavy looks, just remember that you need to cover a large part of your foot to avoid it going blue!

* Tights – tights will help keep your feet warm, but don’t go for ones that are much darker than your skin as it will look false. The same applies to the other extreme – no white tights, especially if you can see your ankles as they will inevitably make your legs look bigger. If you’re wearing boots (see below), it’s another matter.

* Wedding boots – from big to small, high to low, boots are in. Luckily, dainty, Mary Poppins-style boots are all over the place this year, so take a look at the range of boots suitable for wearing with your wedding dress. What about the range of fashionable boots from Pink by Paradox wedding shoes? Or what about these handmade bridal boots from Elegant Wedding Shoes?

* If you want a coloured wedding shoe, remember not to go for anything too heavy, unless your colour scheme calls for it (try and leverage a dark colour with a lighter material). And black is a no-NO!

* Some shoesellers will also offer you the option of protecting your shoes with a special spray to avoid stains or the rain itself messing up your shoe and seeping through any satin.

* And of course, if you’re planning on getting married or having your photos taken in a particularly muddy place, keep your sandals for the reception and pop on a pair of bridal wellington boots. How about these ivory ones with matching laces from Funky Wellington Boots?

Check out our most recent post on eight great wedding shoes for a winter bride!

Source: Shoe.com

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April 1, 2010

I really love the shoes feature in the piucture above – I am desperate to know where can I buy them from for my winter wedding! Please help!!!!! I see they are by S Ferragamo but where could I find them in UK?

August 13, 2011

I love them too. And same here Diana. I want to know were can i get them.

September 26, 2011

Where did you get the winter wedding shoes?? I’m getting married in January and would love to get a pair like that!

October 23, 2011

My wedding is in Dec…… 🙂 AND I WOULD LOVE LOVE to get those wedding shoes also!!!!!!!!


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