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A small wedding can be as unforgettable and majestic as a wedding of 500 people.

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As a wedding planner, I frequently plan and organize weddings for 300 guests, 40 guests or simply just for the bride and groom. Sometimes, I receive an email from a bride who timidly asks me if I can organize a wedding for 4! I always wonder why couples feel so shy about these type of requests. A small wedding can be as unforgettable and majestic as a wedding of 500 people.

We only have to know the couple’s tastes, wishes and of course, the main important detail, their story. So I thought about suggesting a few details for a wedding décor; a beautiful, petit and enchanting wedding. Little details can make such a huge difference. And sometimes, what we see in a small wedding could never be recreated in a larger one. Things are just what they are, and mainly what they tell: a love story. Yours!

If you have a nice and cosy backyard, some little details can make your wedding look fabulous and incredibly romantic. Add a few elements to each other and voilá!, you’ll put together wonderful details for an intimate wedding of 4 guests: bride, groom, their moms and dads.

Photo: Pinterest, via Anais Chavez

Wedding for two? Imagine a tree which symbolizes the place where you first met, when you were 6 years old buddies. Who would tell that 20 years later you would get married to each other? Symbols like a tree, a lake or others are wonderful, natural elements to have them present in your wedding. Have your intimate celebration around important, symbolic elements and enjoy yourselves as a couple.

Photo: Jessica Noelle Photography

If you and your soul mate would love to give the best you can to your parents, maid of honour and best man you can have the most distinct table, worth a million dollars. Most tables for 300 guest will never be as rich and elegant as yours. Think about it.

Photo: DMagazine

Finally, a very personal advice; go for simplicity. Find a fantastic spot – like this one in Lisbon, Portugal – look deeply and passionately to each other’s eyes (this is the easiest part), then say Yes-I-Do and celebrate with a flute of champagne, while Christ the King blesses your new life together.

Photo: Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon

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