Wedding Movie Team transforms your wedding in a wonderful movie

Count on a team that makes storytelling a way to make you happy and preserve your memories in a professional film.

Wedding Movie Team transforms your wedding in a wonderful movie
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Finally the big day has arrived and you have thought of everything, from the preparations to the kitchen, from the style of the invitation cards to the soundtrack. Everything will take place in an instant, because the emotions and the closeness of so many loved ones will make time fly. Meaning there will probably be many details that you’ll miss. That is why you need a way to preserve the whole day so you can go back to it in the future. A nice photo shoot is a good idea, but a video will allow you to retrace the day with vividness and intensity. Wedding Movie Team is the perfect partner to create a real movie of your wedding!

Immerse yourself in the real intense colors, sounds and emotions

A real wedding film is a journey through time. The artistic creations by Wedding Movie Team will allow you, not only to revisit the images, but also to recreate the mood of the special day that marked the beginning of your new life as a couple.

Wedding Movie Team: a team of professional directors

Have you ever thought you could be the producer of a perfect documentary? Wedding Movie Team is a combination of people with different motivations: some have always worked in the field of wedding video making, some have entered the wedding sector only recently. Altogether, however, they strongly wanted to set up the company because the group shared an original idea: to create wedding videos with an edge. The team makes films and the films are always a collective work.

Having more people, more creative personalities active on the same project triggers new energies all the time. This is why their films are all different from each other.

Discreet, observers, listeners, nice, determined

How does the collaboration with Wedding Movie Team work? First of all, you will meet with them, face to face or in a video call, to tune in to expectations or, alternatively, if the involvement comes from wedding planners or other players in the sector, they will work closely with them towards common goals. From then on, it is all a question of creativity and technical ability.

By nature we are all rather shy. When we find ourselves in front of our true love, we blush a little. It is this modesty that the team has not lost yet that gives their images the purity that the couples like.

Confronting the great masters of cinema is a challenge that Wedding Movie Team has always in mind. While leaving the bride and groom the only concern of enjoying their special day, they manage to film the couple dancing as in the Scorsese‘s “The Age of Innocence”. And then, at some point, the movie seems to turn into a Kusturica film when the brass band starts to play.

You will be happy when you see how natural and yet artistic the final movie is. And that happiness is also what makes the team happy!

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