Wedding Checklist – What do you need and what shouldn't you forget?

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Weddings are, undoubtedly, a big deal – in order to get every single detail perfect you need to spend months planning and organising. So many people think that there isn’t too much to think about when arranging your wedding, although you need the venue, the date, the attire, and the rings, what else could you possibly need? Well, that’s only the beginning, you then need to figure out other, smaller details such a flowers, guest books, invitations, and so much more. Once you start to really sit and think about it, the list of what you need to do soon grows.

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You can find many helpful checklists online, but one of the most thorough is the one on Real Simple. This extensive list starts from 16 months prior to the big day, and while it’s based on the average US length of engagement, it’s still a helpful rule of thumb to keep at the fore of your mind throughout your wedding preparations.

Danielle Capito

When you look at the list, it’s easy to become so caught up in other aspects of the special occasion that you forget about the save-the-date cards and the all-important invitations. The reason these two elements can be so difficult to remember and execute properly is because they need to be sent at different times in order to be effective in informing your potential guests.

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According to rough estimates online, six or seven months before your wedding is the best time to send your ‘date cards’, then five or four months is when you finally send out those all-important invitations.

KT Merry Photography
KT Merry Photography

Both pieces of wedding stationary are crucial to set the scene, tone, and mood of your wedding, therefore it’s always a good idea to choose the best company or online provider when shopping around for quality invitations. Instantprint is one such website that allows you to create, design, and customise your own bespoke wedding invitations, which in turn makes your wedding even more special.

Danielle Capito

Another good reason to spend plenty of time on invitations is so that all the information is present and correct – nothing could be worse than sending out hundreds of invites only to realise you’ve printed the wrong date! It sounds like the stuff of pre-wedding nightmares, but these sort of issues do arise when care isn’t taken. Although this would leave you and your guest with lasting memories, they’ll more than likely be the wrong kind.

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