Vintage Décor for a Stylish Wedding

Photo: Love is a big Deal

A theme that continues trending year after year when it comes to weddings and bridal gowns is vintage. Winning over the hearts of more and more couples, this style of décor is ever so versatile when it comes to styling your wedding. From a full on 1950s Rockabilly theme to 1920s art deco invitations it’s these fun personalised touches that will add a magical element to your wedding.

The great thing about choosing a vintage look is that it’s so easy to achieve. From car boot fairs, to vintage markets and your grandmother’s loft, little trinkets are easy to come by to add those special finishing touches.

Photo: Esther Sun

The list really is endless when it comes to statement pieces and objects you can use to complete this look. Old photos, vintage glasswear, tin cans, glass trays and vintage jewelley are just some of our favourites! How about some old photos from your grandparent’s wedding as a centrepiece or a vintage typewriter for guest messages instead of a guest book!

Photo: Jen Lynne

When pondering on your vintage styled bouquet, certain colours come to mind, dusty pinks and classical creams with some gypsophila really completement this style. Think about displaying your floral displays in vintage candelabra or an old tea set.

Photo: Meliess
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Photo: Meliess

Vintage pearls, taxidermy jars, photo frames and candle holders are just a few other ideas to add to your list when you’re next walking around a vintage market. I’m completely in love with my 1940s vintage champagne saucers I bought at a vintage fair last summer, I’d drink my coffee out of them if I could!

Photo: Closer to Love Photographs

If you’re going the extra mile then why not incorporate vintage books, old cameras, record players and if your space and venue permits, a vintage movie on silent showing on a giant screen while your guests sip their mint juleps and classic cocktails is a fantastic way to add to the whole era you’re trying to encapsulate. The original Great Gatsby would be a great suggestion for a 1920s inspired wedding.

Photo: Love is a big Deal
Photo: Love is a big Deal

An old chest of drawers or sowing table would make a beautiful cake display, or gift table. Or how about little vintage bottles adorning your drinks area.

Photo: Alixann Loosle Photography

And who could forget the old favourite vintage suitcase to house your cards or favours, or shabby chic boxes to prop up your seating plan or some delightful sweet treats!

Photo: Fernanda Ferraro
Photo: Alixann Loosle Photography

Each of these details can easily be incorporated into your vintage theme depending on your chosen era. Just remember than an art deco cake (from the 1920s) doesn’t necessarily go with a colourful 1970s retro table setting! You just need time to set your scene and focus on exactly which era you want to encapsulate and make everything flow. Using websites such as Pinterest can really help you to create some magical mood boards and get your friends and family to let you know when they spot a local vintage fair!


Credits:  Jen Lynne Photography | Alixann Loosle Photography | Closer to Love Photographs | Love is a big deal Esther Sun | Meliess Fernanda Ferraro

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