Wedding Weather and April Showers

It’s already spring, and as well as all the beautiful blooms, the lovely longer days and the (slightly more) pleasant temperatures, the rain in the UK is ever present, especially during the infamous month of April showers, which for some strange reason seems to last well in to the month of May!

If you’re planning a wedding during these months, you need to be prepared for rain, but fear NOT! Your day won’t be completely ruined, and there are some wonderful alternatives out there and great ways to help you avoid rain on your wedding day and even make the most of it and turn it into a positive!

Wedding in the rain

Firstly, there is a saying that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck and a good omen…or maybe that was just something my mother made up on my wedding day to make me feel better. Either way, here are some fantastic ideas for a rain friendly wedding:

One of the most practical solutions for rain is a marquee. Gone are the days of a standard white, square frame, marquees now come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Ones that look like a grand and glamorous ballroom and ones that have a more casual rustic feel. A Wedding Tipi is something so unique and will have your guests talking about it for ages!

It all depends on your personal taste and the type of wedding or theme that you have chosen. It’s also best to plan ahead and if your ceremony or reception is going to be outdoors have an indoor back-up plan. Most reception venues in the UK are very good at accommodating bad weather with a second option for the day.

Ceremony marquee

Accessories can also play a big part. Think umbrellas and wellies. Not the typical dark coloured ones you see on a muddy farm, but beautiful lace umbrellas, personally embroidered with your initials, and cute and colourful wellies peeping out from under your beautiful gown. Brollies Galore have some great bridal umbrellas and Easy Wellies have Wellington boots in a range of stunning colours. You could even have matching ones for your bridesmaids, making for a fun session with your photographer. Embrace the weather, splash in some puddles and cuddle under the umbrella, hiding under a tree. What can me more romantic than a hand in hand walk in the rain?

Bride with Wellington boots
Romantic walk in the rain
Kissing in the rain

When it comes to weddings, you can be as prepared as you like, with everything planned to perfection and the inevitable could still happen.

Although plan B is always a good option for these things, the main thing is not to worry too much. Your day will be wonderful come what may. Embrace the weather, don’t let it upset you too much and remember the importance of what your wedding is all about – the most special day of your lives and the union of two people that love each other. In other words, it’s not about what the weatherman says, even if he does forecast rain.

Photographs via Shutterstock: Wedding in the rain in the rain by Kuznetcov Konstantin; Reception marquee by Brian Goodman;Bride with Wellington boots by Steve Lovegrove; Romantic walk in the rain by Paul Tarasenko.
Kissing in the rain: PH Alexi Shields.

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