Top 20 Lisbon Wedding Venues for Your Destination Wedding

We have created a selection of 20 of the most fabulous Lisbon Destination Wedding Venues for you to enjoy! Good luck making a choice!

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Are you planning on having your wedding abroad, and have somewhere rural in mind? Due to popular request, we’ve put together a collection of 20 of the Top Recommended Venues or ‘quintas’ in Lisbon where you could hold your wedding.

The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding

The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal is located in the Sierra da Sintra,  which is thought to be one of the most beautiful towns in the world. The quinta offers a unique space with a distinct vintage theme. The quinta has been regularly maintained and restored since the nineteenth century and as a result still has an authentic and rustic feel to it. One of the most exciting additions to the farm is the wonderful staircase leading into the farm’s gardens. Traditional and romantic by all accounts this spot is perfect for a wedding.

Quinta do Hespanhol

With more than 600 years of history, 60 hectares of land, and surrounded by a stunning valley, Quinta do Hespanhol is a magical place to get married. The farmhouse was built by João Lopes Perestrello and consists of four courtyards, a patio and three spectacular gardens, whilst also being surrounded pine forests and woodland. The farmhouse also has 3 multi-functional and interconnected reception rooms with a total capacity for more than 400 people. The rooms are built from limestone and are insulated and air-conditioned meaning Quinta do Hespanhol is the perfect place to get married or hold your reception all year round.

Quinta do Hespanhol Learn more about “Quinta do Hespanhol ”
Quinta do Hespanhol. Photo: Momento Cativo

Quinta do Frade

The spectacular gardens with hundreds of different flowers and types of trees that surround the Quinta do Frade make it the perfect setting for the outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of and is guaranteed to provide the perfect backdrop for all your wedding photos. As for the catering side of things, the staff here are highly qualified and produce fantastic menus depending on your tastes. Quality and professionalism are two words that perfectly define Quinta do Frade and their values.

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Quinta do Frade. Photo: The Framers Photograhpy

Quinta Fonte da Aranha

Quinta Fonte da Aranha make it their business to make sure you get the wedding you’ve always wanted, so you will be in the hands of one  of the most capable and professional event organization teams Portugal has to offer. Janaina Reis is their professional wedding planner in charge of making sure that everything goes just as you have always dreamt of, leaving you to enjoy your day with all your guests in the quinta’s beautiful setting consisting of palm trees and luscious, green gardens.

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Quinta Fonte da Aranha

Quinta do Lumarinho

Quinta do Lumarinho is the sort of place where every bride dreams of having her wedding. If you’re looking for a rustic venue that offers flexibility in terms of requirements, look no further than Quinta do Lumarinho. It is situated close to Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra yet is located in the heart of the Portuguese countryside. Offering a wide range of services, and providing you with a stunning location complete with perfectly maintained gardens, Quinta do Lumarinho stands out as one our top picks.

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Quinta do Lumarinho

Quintas dos Alfinetes

A stunning location where attention to detail is everything. Having been owned by the Counts of Caria, Quintas dos Alfinetes offers a romantic setting steeped in history and architectural heritage. With a capacity to hold almost any event. Quintas dos Alfinetes may be the answer to more than just your wedding! Why not get in touch with the quinta’s highly professional events planning team and get planning your ideal wedding.

Quinta dos Alfinetes
Quinta dos Alfinetes

Quinta da Bichinha

If you’re looking for a spacious, tranquil and private venue to celebrate your wedding, then Quinta da Bichinha is just the place. The eighteenth century farm is full of charisma and spans over 100 hectares of land, most of which is a vineyard. The farm has a distinctly welcoming atmosphere combined with excellent service and stunning, natural surroundings all of which will mean that a wedding at Quinta da Bichinha is would be unforgettable.

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Quinta do Convento da Visitação

Quinta do Convento da Visitação is located in the beautiful Sierra de Montejunto in Vila Verde dos Francos, in the Lisbon region, and as such has some the best views for miles around. With over 50 hectares of land and its own vineyard, the farm provides the perfect rural and romantic setting for your wedding. In fact the farm has been producing its own wine since the sixteenth century, which you can request for an event!

Quinta do Convento da VisitaçãoLearn more about “Quinta do Convento da Visitação”
Quinta do Convento da Visitação

Casa de Reguengos

Casa de Reguengos is situated four kilometres from Malveira, very close to Lisbon, and surrounded by beautiful woodland, this quinta is one of Portugal’s finest for weddings. Casa de Reguengos has been hosting events since 2006 and has become a point of reference in the bridal sector. So, if you choose to book Casa de Reguengos you know you can rely on their first class service, where the staff will take care of everything, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your big day.

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Casa de Reguengos

Quinta de Sant’ana

This wonderful quinta is run by Ann Frost, who has over 15 years of experience in custom designed weddings. The quinta consists of a beautiful farmhouse, covered in ivy and a Baroque chapel with its own bell tower, as well as some stunning gardens with palm trees with views onto the vineyard and eucalyptus forests below.

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Quinta de Sant’ana. Photo: Piteira Photography

Quinta dos Machados

Quinta dos Machados has a magical feel to it, making it the ideal place to hold your wedding. The farmhouse is surrounded by woodland and has a capacity for over 250 people. The staff here are also highly committed to making sure your day goes just how you imagined it.  Simply get in touch and find out what Quinta dos Machados could put together for your big day.

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Quinta dos Machados.

Quinta da Cascata

Quinta da Cascata is managed by the company, ‘Connecting Eventos’, which is renowned for its professionalism and its hard-working staff. Always keen to innovate and achieve a fantastic end result, you know you can rely on Connecting Eventos. The reception room at Quinta da Cascata is large and air-conditioned, is furnished in a classic and tasteful way, and looks out onto the gardens, the orchard and waterfall. The food served at the quinta is highly regarded and receives rave reviews too. Quality, excellence, transparency, dedication and creativity are what defines Quinta da Cascata, so why not get in touch and see what the Quinta could for you.

Quinta da Cascata

Quinta da Taipa

Also located just 35 minutes outside of Lisbon, Quinta da Taipa could be just the place you’ve been looking for. The venue available for hire has 1,400 m.sq. of floor space and is surrounded by 150,000 m.sq. outside, allowing plenty of space for you and your guests both inside and outside. Quinta da Taipa put you first and have a policy whereby they will only hold one event per day. The rooms have been decorated in a refined and elegant manner, providing the perfect setting for any wedding. Like many of the other quintas on our list, the food that the quinta is able to provide is extremely impressive and of the highest quality.

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Quinta da Taipa. Photo: Cardeli photography

Quinta Marquês da Serra

Quinta Marquês da Serra is just 20 minutes from Lisbon and is situated on a hill with incredible views over the rolling Portuguese countryside. Peaceful, tranquility and harmony are just a few of the words that came to mind when we think about this quinta. The farmhouse itself is just as wonderful as the surrounding area; there is a beautiful and sizeable reception room where all event banquets are served, with a dance floor at the far end of the room. Another of this quinta’s assets is the cosy chill out room next door where your guests can go and relax in between all the celebrations. The good news for parents is that the farm also has a nursery and a play room for children meaning your little ones won’t get bored! Outside there is a stunning waterfall and some big outdoor chairs and sofas where most brides and grooms choose to cut the cake.

Quinta Marquês da SerraLearn more about “Quinta Marquês da Serra”
Quinta Marquês da Serra

Quinta da Murta

If you are looking for a truly rural wedding, Quinta da Murta may be just the place. Situated in the wine country, it comes as no surprise that this quinta has 27 hectares of land devoted to the vine. Quinta da Murta is so beautiful that is has become something of a tourist destination over the last few years. Away from the buzz of Lisbon, and surrounded by nature, Quinta da Murta is the answer to your rural, romantic wedding.

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Quinta da Murta

Quinta do Casal Novo

Quinta do Casal Novo is located in the forests on the outskirts of Lisbon, and is just a thirty minute drive into the centre of the city. With over 50 hectares at your disposal, the possibilities for your rural wedding are endless. The staff at the quinta make you their priority and will bend over backwards to make sure you get to enjoy the big day you’ve always dreamed of. Get in touch now to find out more.

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Quinta do Casal Novo. Photo: Preto & Prata

Quinta das Palmeiras

Built by an English millionaire in a renaissance style, and with over 50 years of history, Quinta das Palmeiras offers a unique and luxurious space perfect for big celebrations such as weddings. The quinta has a capacity for 230 people for a sit-down meal meaning this venue is fit for most weddings, and has stunning views onto the quinta’s gardens which also house a tennis court and a swimming pool – perfect if you’re looking to go all out. The house has a luxury suite that the bride and groom may wish to book for the night, although Sintra is also just 10 minutes away by car, and the beach is just 5 minutes away…!

Quinta das PalmeirasLearn more about “Quinta das Palmeiras”
Quinta das Palmeiras

Quinta Nossa Senhora da Serra

With huge gardens perfect for enjoying the Portuguese sun, Quinta Nossa Senhora da Serra might just be the perfect place for enjoying a summer wedding. The quinta offers a unique and personalised service and is able to help you with flower arranging services, decorators, caterers and much more, meaning you can enjoy the preparation period in the lead up to your big day without having to worry!

Quinta Nossa Senhora da SerraLearn more about “Quinta Nossa Senhora da Serra”
Quinta Nossa Senhora da Serra

Quinta do Rouxinóis

Come and enjoy the calm of Serra da Malveira. Surrounded by nature and with enviable views of the local bullring and village, Quinta do Rouxinóis provides a magical setting for celebrating your wedding. The incredibly committed team of staff here pay huge attention to detail and will do everything within their power to make sure that you are able to enjoy the perfect wedding.

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Quinta dos Rouxinóis

Quinta do Roseiral

With 21 hectares of land, Quinta do Roseiral offers plenty of space both outdoors and indoors meaning it makes an ideal wedding venue rain or shine, all year round. The team at Quinta do Roseiral value detail incredibly highly and everything will be thought through down to the very last detail by professionals leaving you to focus on enjoying the lead-up to the big day!

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