Top five reasons to hire a videographer.

Working as a professional videographer, there is one question I am constantly asked. The question is simple – “Why should I hire a videographer?” or “do I need a videographer at my wedding?” Obviously I think it’s a wonderful idea and below are a few reasons why I think it’s vital to book a professional videographer for your wedding.

1. Peace of mind.
This is a biggie. If you book a professional, they will know the structure of a wedding day. They will also know all the best tips and tricks to get the most out of you and your film. This means you can relax and enjoy your wedding and this will benefit your film. There is nothing quite like a genuine, natural smile.

Courtesy of Adam Huckle Films

2. A treasured reminder.
Having the day filmed professionally means you will always have that keepsake to look back on. It may impact upon your wedding budget now, but in years to come you will have something to watch time and again. Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond will all enjoy watching it back. I recently converted an old wedding film from the early 70s for a family member. Watching it back now brought back so many happy memories of family members who have grown up, got older or sadly passed on. The swell of positive emotions this brought up was something really special. Something you could only get from a film.

Courtesy of Adam Huckle Films

3. It’s not the process you’d imagine.
A lot of people have an idea in their minds of how a pro videographer would film a wedding. I can’t speak for others here, but my approach to filming is very informal, relaxed and natural. Not at all like most people imagine it would be. I often hear the feedback from couples along the lines of “I didn’t even know you were there” or “it wasn’t at all like I imagined it would be!”. Many think it may be embarrassing to be filmed or that the end product might be drab or boring. A videographer who is skilled in their work will make sure it´s neither of these things.

Courtesy of Adam Huckle Films

4. A professional end product.
Opting for a professional and not asking a friend or relative means you get the full pro-service. Imagine asking a non-artistic friend to paint a picture, then imagine asking a professional artist to do the same. It’s the same with videography. It’s all the details, the sleek editing and the knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t – that’s what makes the difference between a high-end movie and an amateur film.

Courtesy of Adam Huckle Films

5. No Post-wedding regrets
The second most popular thing I hear, aside from “Do I need a professional videographer” is from those who are already married who say: “I wish I’d had a video done”. It’s one of those things that you may not think you want beforehand, but sadly it’s too late to go back and create anything afterwards. It’s better to have everything on film and make alterations until you get the film ‘just-so’, rather than not having anything at all. Opting to have your wedding day professionally recorded by a videographer might be one of those things you haven’t considered yet, but it will quickly become a post-wedding favourite along with your photographs.

Courtesy of Adam Huckle Films

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