The 6 sweetest 2013 wedding cake trends!

Wedding cakes have shifted from being a traditional wedding reception treat to an expression of a couple’s personality and style on their big day. I have seen some beautiful trends spring up in the last few months and I’m excited to share the sweetest 2013 wedding cake trends with you.

Floral cake: Delicious Cakes - Photo: Sarah Kate
  • Floral Cakes

The floral wedding cake is by far the most popular trend at the moment. Whether you opt for a selection of real flowers or hand-crafted sugar blooms, they’ll transform any plain cake into an exquisite focal point. A simple white tiered cake works best to show off the pretty blooms.

Ombre icing and layer cake: Incredibles by Lani - Photo: Debra Eby
  • Ombre Icing and Layer Cakes

The ombre wedding cake trend has been seen everywhere this year, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. ‘Ombre’ is the French word for shaded or shading, and when choosing an ombre cake you can display this effect on the icing or by adding different shades of cake layers inside.

The recommended way of presenting an ombre iced or layered cake is to have the darker shades of your chosen colour at the bottom and the lighter shades at the top of the cake.

Fun graphic cake: Nine Cakes - Photo: Carla Ten Eyck
  • Fun Graphic Cakes

This style is the perfect choice if you and your fiancé enjoy having fun and want a more playful version of the traditional wedding cake. You can add a unique twist to your cake by incorporating a modern detail into the design, or simply by icing it in glittery gold like the example above.

Un-iced cake: Stardust Bakery - Photo: Katherine O’Brien
  • Un-Iced Cakes

Yes, that’s right, no covering up your cake with icing! This has to be my favourite wedding cake trend at the moment. It is also an easier trend to emulate if you are baking your own cake. The key to this trend is to cut your cake into layers of equal width and to add the same amount of filling between each layer. Decorate it with fresh flowers or a selection of seasonal fruit and finish it off with a drizzle of butterscotch sauce.

Messy icing - Photo: Turner Creative Photography
  • Messy Icing

The messy icing trend has made a huge splash onto cake stands all over the world. Couples opting for a more non-traditional wedding particularly love this trend. A simple way to give your messy iced cake the wow-factor is to decorate it with mini bunting flags or personalized wooden cake toppers.

Ruffled icing cake: Magdalynn’s - Photo: Onelove photography
  • Ruffled Icing

This feminine trend has brides all giddy and excited about having a playful dress-like wedding cake. If you have a small budget and you still want this effect, have a look at this great video tutorial that shows you how to ice your own ruffle cake:

Your wedding should reflect who you are and whether that means having a traditional cake, a trendy one, or not having a cake at all, the important thing is to do what feels right to you.

Which one of these trends is your favourite? Are you going to include any of them in your wedding cake? Let us know in the comments!

Credits Photo´s: 1) Cake: Delicious Cakes Photo: Sarah Kate, 2) Cake: IncrEDIBLES by Lani  Photo: Debra Eby, 3) Cake: Nine Cakes, Photo: Carla ten Eyck, 4) Cake: Stardust Bakery, Photo: Katherine O´Brien, 5) Photo: Turner Creative Photography, 6) Cake: Magdalynn´s, Photo: One Love Photography

Guest blogger: Kirsten Schwarzer is the person behind the wedding blog The bride with a blog. She loves sharing wedding inspiration and helpful advice with creative brides.

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