The Summer 2017 Wedding Forecast: Expect Sun and Smiles

It's safe to say the majority of couples seek good weather when planning their big day. But why does the sun make us happier? How much sun can we expect in 2017? And where in the world is sunny all year round?

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With roughly 80% of couples opting to tie the knot between the months of May and October, it’s safe to say that we love a bit of sun on our special day.

Being only a couple of months into 2017, the majority of brides-to-be are currently (and perhaps a little frantically) planning their summer weddings. But which months are most popular for weddings? How much sun can we expect in 2017? And why do summer weddings consistently dominate our national marital averages?

savePhoto credit: LesyaD
Photo credit: LesyaD

 The Summer Breakdown: Expectations for 2017

Although 1 in 4 couples now choose to marry abroad, the majority of those left in the UK will be selecting their ceremony dates according to one key factor: the weather.

Our country’s climate is unpredictable for sure, but trends do suggest that we can expect high temperatures and sunshine in June, July and August. Temperatures are rising, and a national heatwave will be on the cards. Yes, this may mean a stuffy ceremony, but it also allows for alfresco dining and amazing wedding photos.

savePhoto via shutterstock
Photo via shutterstock

Historically, June has long-remained the most popular month for weddings until recent years. A trend from which the term ‘June Bride’ was born. The word June derives from the Latin name for mythological goddess of marriage, Juno, so the month not only brings brighter flowers and chances of sunlight, but also traditional connotations.

Another month that has risen in popularity for getting hitched is September. The season shows beautiful changes towards Autumn, while the sun still remains strong, if not more golden. Forecast predictions for 2017 however, say that September will break the summer with a potential for lots of rain and nationwide flooding. Since rain is the enemy of most brides, we think it’s best to stick to earlier summer months.

Summer brides get it right: why does the sun make us happier?

savePhoto credit: IVASHstudio
Photo credit: IVASHstudio

 There really is something about blue skies that brings smiles to everyone’s faces, right? Well, that thing is serotonin. Sunlight is proven to increase our serotonin levels which in turn makes us happier. As well as emotionally, we benefit physically from sunlight too, through its provision of vitamin D. So yes, there’s actually a scientific reason behind most couples’ preference to say their ‘I do’s in summer.

With this in mind, Zankyou predicts that more couples in 2017 will be trading tradition for unique summer weddings. Think bohemian or rustic chic vibes in the open air; festival themes with tipi-style marquees; more enchanted gardens with twinkly lights; larger beach ceremonies fruitier cocktails, bigger barbecues, and even champagne popsicles. 2017 is the year of the summer bride and her smiling, sun-kissed guests.

saveChampagne Popsicles via
Champagne Popsicles via

For the sun chasers: the sunniest destination wedding locations

For those of you still not convinced about relying on British summer sun, destination weddings can provide a brighter alternative. Not only will you benefit from relying on more exotic or Mediterranean weather, but you and your guests will have a holiday at the same time, just to make sure you really soak it all up.

A destination wedding also means that you don’t have to wait until summer to tie the knot. So here’s a list of the best places to go during the colder months of the year, just pick your favourite and get planning! (weather info from

January: your guests will relish the opportunity to beat the january blues with a celebration somewhere warm! Look at the incredible Playa Blanca (Lanzarote), Tenerife, Cape Verde, Sydney, or Rio de Janeiro for an unforgettable destination wedding during what is otherwise a bleak month.

February: another month during which we would all prefer a bit of sun. You’ll find idyllic weather in countries like the Bahamas, Egypt, New Zealand, Mexico and Thailand.

saveCancun Beach, Mexico (credit: Michelle Pautasso)
Cancun Beach, Mexico (credit: Michelle Pautasso)

October: Towards the end of summer, you won’t need to go as far afield to ensure a beautiful climate for your destination wedding. In Europe, you can enjoy the Algarve, Rome, Kos and Cyprus. Or, go further and exotic with Cancun, Sharm el Sheikh or Marrakesh.

November: The least favourite month for weddings in the UK, but not abroad. Jet off to Florida, Dominican Republic, Madeira or Singapore for a dream wedding day.

December: You may be wishing for a white Christmas, but the only thing white on your wedding day should be your dress. The sunnier destinations in December are similar to November, head to the Caribbean or Australasia, unless you fancy a wedding on one of the always-sunny Canary Islands.

savePhoto via Denis Petrov
Photo via Denis Petrov

So there you have it, our guide to choosing the best location to make the most of 2017’s weather predictions. For more Destination Wedding inspiration, click here! Also, make sure to check out our galleries for more summer wedding ideas to kick-start your planning process.

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