The secret to being liked: 5 tips to succeed every time.

Here at Zankyou, we are not the Genies, superheroes or masters of seduction. Do we know everything? Of course not! But what we do have is a pretty good stack of tips which, after plenty of research, has allowed us to create this set of guidelines to help you navigate all those social pitfalls between you and your wedding day!

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Here at Zankyou, we are not genies, superheroes or masters of seduction. Do we know everything? Of course not! But what we do have is a pretty good stack of tips which, after plenty of research, has allowed us to create this set of guidelines to help you navigate all those social pitfalls between you and your wedding day!

Find it hard to make friends? To grab the attention of those you’d love to befriend? Feel like you’re inside a bit of a bubble and you’re finally ready for that bubble to pop? Here are tips on how to make a great first impression- as well as a lasting one, for all the right reasons.

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Photo: Noonu Fotografía

1. Be yourself.

Yes it’s a cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less true!

Don’t pretend to be someone else: you are you and you’re the best thing could have happened. Explore and show off your qualities which make you totally unique; people will love you for them. After all, these little details are the charming things people remember and think fondly of when your name comes up. It’s not a carnival, and it’s not halloween; it’s your life. Be you.

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Photo: Luis Tenza

2. Listen.

There is nothing more boring than a person who likes to be the centre of attention to the extent that they never stop talking. It’s great to like conversation! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having both an opinion and a voice. But. People appreciate a two sided conversation more than anything, and it’s just as important to be a good listener as it is to be a good talker.

Listening brings confidence and sensitivity, amongst friends and even in the workplace. Listening builds friendships and creates a bond of trust between people; it’s how great friends and relationships are made.

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Photo: Ernesto Naranjo

3. Non-verbal communication.

The face is a great key in reading both situations and people. Our eyes, in particular, have the power to make and break friendships.

And then there’s your mouth! In addition to warming up your beautiful face, the smile shows empathy, sympathy and responsiveness, the three essential ingredients for the relationship menu.

La Dichosa

Photo: La Dichosa

4. Confidence.

Shy and nervous individuals are great characters for novels and movies, but in real life? Being super timid just makes life hard. It’s a delicate spectrum- trying to have a voice and a confidence without being branded as cocky and egotistic. But don’t worry; a little bit of time and pushing yourself a little further out of your comfort zone every day and eventually you’ll find a point where you are most comfortable at. The hardest part is simply beginning.

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Foto: La Buena Sombra

5. Manage your cards.

Think of yourself as a deck of cards. Amongst your cards, you not only have charm, sensuality, culture and confidence; there is also jealousy, insecurities, fears and bad experiences. Manage your cards, keeping the ones on view and the others further down. Oh! And, of course, always one or two in your sleeve.

It takes time to get to know someone; if somebody is telling you their entire life story within the first five minutes of meeting them, is that someone you want to tie yourself too? There’s being open- and that’s great! But nobody wants to be the over-sharer of the group. As a complete contrast, it’s also far too easy to close everyone out and keep your cards too close to your chest. It’s fine to have an element of mystery; but let people in too-when they’ve earned it!

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Foto: Flare Project Visual Art Photography

As we have said; here at Zankyou, we are not miracles. But hopefully these tips will help you on your way to being a happier you in society.  Love yourself a little and others will do the same.

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