The Perfect Honeymoon for You and your Partner: 5 Fantastic Options!

5 Types of Honeymoon for 5 Types of Couple. Choose the option that best suits you!

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The honeymoon shouldn’t be the same for every couple – each one has different tastes and hobbies. It should be a unique, special and unforgettable journey, given that it is the complete celebration of love that initiates the new life for two. A trip where the hotels, the romantic dinners and the cities visited whilst accompanied by the most significant person in your life will be the true testament to the way your new life begins – as newlyweds.

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Ricardo Meira

With this in mind, we’re proposing 5 ideas for your perfect honeymoon.

1. For Wine Lovers

Travel to the land of wine, Italy, to enjoy the nectar of the gods and an incredible sunset accompanied by the love of your life. Located in a picturesque Tuscan village you will find the Castello di Tornano, a hotel with stunning architecture and luxurious decorations, which offers a complete view of the vineyards and their surroundings. Live the experience of tasting different and excellent wines in the castle’s former prison. 

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José Raposo

2. For Theme Park Lovers

What better way to celebrate the first days of your marriage than a trip to the happiest place in the world? Travel with your partner to Orlando, to enjoy your honeymoon acting like dazzled children with all the games, food and activities that theme parks have to offer.

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3. For Nature Lovers

Costa Rica is undoubtedly a destination in which you will always feel surrounded by the most spectacular nature. Stroll through its natural parks, ecological reserves and enjoy its wonderful beaches of fine white sand and crystalline waters of a fabulous turquoise blue, while admiring a landscape of volcanoes in the distance.

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4. For Animal Lovers

There is no better place in the world to experience wildlife and see animals in their natural habitat than Africa. What do you think of a honeymoon on a safari? Experience an adventure in Kenya, visit the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve and stay in luxurious campsites located in the area.

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Moisés Soares

5. For Adrenaline Junkies

Explore the land of the Himalayas, travel to Nepal and get to know its culture, enjoy its landscapes and explore one of the best railways in the world. The magnificent mountains, the rivers filled with water and the ancient and exciting history of this place are waiting for you.

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Which option best suits you and your partner? If you married your polar opposite, why not combine more than one option to custom-create a honeymoon to please you both? For more Honeymoon inspiration, also check out:

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