The 11 Wedding Moments that you Least Expect to be the Most Special

The 11 Wedding Moments that you Least Expect to be the Most Special

The 11 moments you would least expect to be the ones that you cherish most from your wedding day, do you agree?

  • Planning the wedding
  • Funny
  • Humour

It is natural that any bride will spend ages imagining what her wedding will be like. Of course in your head, you picture over and over again each moment that you’re going to experience. But watch out, often the most incredible moments are the ones you hadn´t even thought of. Be warned, these might just be the best moments of your wedding, and your life:

savelo mejor de tu boda
Photo: Couche Photo

1. Dancing like there’s no tomorrow to the tackiest song… and surprisingly this might be your favourite song all night

2. Laughing like a fool at something that shouldn’t be funny…and crying (with uncontrollable laughter) at the funny story your lifelong friend is telling

savelo mejor de tu boda
Photo: Click 10

3. Discovering that you love your siblings, parents and grandparents even more than you thought

4. You end up getting fast food at the first and least glamorous place you all find

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5. Realising that it doesn’t really matter if absolutely everything doesn’t go as you had planned

6. Realising that, seeing your guests enjoying themselves to the full, is the best gift you could have hoped for, and that you will treasure those memories for years to come!

savelo mejor de tu boda
Photo: Click 10

7. Discovering how great it is not being on your phone replying to whatsapps or instagramming. Social media can wait!

8. Regardless of how many hours you spent in the hairdressers, or choosing which shoes to buy, feeling that sense of pleasure at being able to take off all your wedding paraphernalia and being able to continue dancing until the early hours.

saveLo mejor de tu boda
Photo: Volvoretas Bodas

9. Realising that, apart from the official photos, you don’t really care how you look in the photos that your friends took. Capturing a magical moment is far more important than making sure you’re constantly striking your best pose.

10. Enjoying that brief intimate moment with your man, away from everyone else

savelo mejor de tu boda
Photo: Efedos

11. Realising that you are eating without even thinking about it after all that dieting before your wedding day!

As you will see, there are plenty of moments to enjoy on your big day. Sit back, and let them all unfold naturally. These are the memories you will cherish – enjoy!

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