The heaviest bridal gown in the world: Is 180kg horrendous or heavenly?

American designer, Gail Be spent three years crafting a spectacular wedding dress, something that would stun everyone and get people talking worldwide. The dress was made with more than a million beads, rhinestones and most impressive of all… no fabric!

Weighing a total of 400 pounds, the train alone is over six feet long and uses eleven thousand metres of wire to attach each bead. Not only that! The dress has 500,000 glass beads and 400,000 crystals!

The result is pretty incredible. Perhaps it’s not for everyone but there is no doubt that this dress is absolutely stunning!

Photo: Gail Be
Photo: Gail Be

Gail appreciates that it’s not to everyone’s taste, and while a bride may not necessarily choose to wear such a heavy dress on her big day, she would love the gown to appear in a movie and end up in a museum for people to admire. In total, the dress took 833 days to finish and the help of 23 women was needed to complete the project. Gail says “When I walked into the room and announced it was ready, everyone stood up and applauded.”

Photo: Gail Be
Photo: Gail Be

Gail Be had to temporarily halt the production of the gown when she realised the length of the train didn’t actually fit in her studio. Everything was done without initial planning! She finally named her masterpiece “Fantasy”, we think it’s a pretty fitting name for something so mesmerising!

Photo: Gail Be

As you can imagine, the dress is highly valued, even for brides who are willing to invest thousands on their dream dress. Kim Kardashian reportedly spent $500,000 on her most recent wedding dress… maybe next time Kim?

Photo: Gail Be

Hopefully one day we’ll be able to see this magical creation on the big screen or in a museum. It really is worthy of admiration and praise.

With fans such as Lady Gaga wearing her designs, it’s no surprise that Gail Be has shocked the world with the ultimate bridal gown.

Oh… and let us just for a moment applaud the model in the photographs that was brave (and beautiful) enough to carry a 180kg dress!

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