The French Twist : How to give your wedding a flavour of France with Label' Emotion

Want a French wedding but can´t make it to France? Here´s a few tips on how to bring France to your wedding!

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So, you want your wedding to be that little bit different, something with a foreign twist, somewhat exotic without completely committing to a destination wedding….well fear not nor look any further for inspiration or assistance because Zankyou can confidently offer you one of the best international Wedding planning agencies to assist you with everything you need.

If adding a little French flavour or Je ne sais quoi twist to your wedding is the way to achieve your wedding of the year but are not quite sure how to achieve an authentic influence, then you must consult Label’ Emotion, an international wedding planning agency based in London and Paris. Here they offer a few, simple, effective suggestions that will help you achieve your themed wish – and it does not involve sticking mini French flags everywhere.

So, how do you give your guests a quaint French flavour and avoid forcing them into a French cliche? We asked Label’ Emotion to advise us and the first thing they said, ”two words: food and wine.” These two things reflect the famous French taste and their desire for the finer things in life. Worry not, you don’t have to shell out in order to get that experience and you don’t need to go overboard to guarantee an enjoyable French flavour. Here are the professionals suggestions on how to achieve and include just the right amount of French to add that exotic, destination vibe to your wedding.

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You could easily serve a whole French menu however if that seems a little OTT, have you considered just choosing one or two elements to add that traditional garlic or cheese inspiration. Why not finish with a towering French wedding macaroon cake, after all the French are certainly masters of pastries and sweets.

Or how about greeting guests with a Champagne fountain, an elegant overflowing splendour, as it really only is Champagne if it comes from France. A little later, a light buffet or during cocktails, why not offer a selection of scrumptious cheeses and crostini sticks.

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The best partner of cheese….red wine! Why not pair up and have a cheese station with a wine tasting bar…the perfect pair just like you two and what could be more French than cheese and wine. To personalise your wine bar, choose your favourite French wines and share them with your guests, with personalised labels on the bottles dating them with memorable dates that have meaning to you both or renaming the cheeses after where you have travelled together, you can even set up blind wine tasting tests to see how sophisticated your guests pallet really is.

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If you are planning a brunch the next day, opt for a French style, low maintenance picnic in the garden with linen tablecloths on the grass and baskets full of freshly baked baguette, charcuterie, and any cheese and wine left over from the wedding (if there is any). It is another quality the French exhibit so well, they know how to take time and enjoy the moment, not rushing, taking advantage to spend quality time with friends and family, seeing all the photos that they took and listening to all the guests stories from the day.

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We are always unsure of whether to bother with Wedding favours or not but we are believers that the last impression is just as important as the first and so another perfect opportunity to add a little French inspiration, something simple yet delicious and effective are coloured macaroons. These delicious treats are the perfect way to say “”merci”” to all your lovely guests without burdening them with anything to carry home.

With all these small details and personal touches you will be whisking your guests away to a land of love and exotic experience, ensuring that a good time is had by all, but most importantly, your wedding is the ‘best wedding that i’ve ever been too.’

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