The Destination Wedding Debate: Beach Vows or City Ceremony?

We love all destination weddings, wherever they are. But we do understand that location is one of the most important factors. So we have put together a list of pros and cons for either a beach or city wedding.

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After finally making the excellent decision to tie the knot abroad, the next thing on a couple’s agenda is to decide on where. It may be that you and your fiancé(e) have a place in mind that’s special to you, or happens to be a destination that you both have dreamed of visiting. However, for some couples, all they know is that they want to escape the restrictions of marrying at home, but still have no clue where exactly to jet off to.

Some would prefer to take their all-important vows adjacent to the glistening waves, being warmed by the sea breeze and the sun-kissing rays. Others however, prefer the dynamic option of marrying in a foreign city, surrounded by culture and historic landscape.

It’s safe to say that at Zankyou HQ, we love all destination weddings, wherever they are. But we do understand that location is one of the most important factors. So we have put together a list of pros and cons for either a beach or city wedding.

Photo credit: Fotomak

Why choose a city wedding?

Well, first things first, a city wedding has the potential to be chic and sophisticated by day, and eclectic by night. Getting hitched in a dreamy metropolis will show that you as a couple love colour and glamour, and your guests will relish the chance to jet off to a magical cityscape.


  • A city wedding will add a modern, urban twist to your special day
  • You will have the creative freedom to add both historic culture and cosmopolitan vibes to your theme
  • A European city, like Rome, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Vienna or Munich (to name a few!), will have a sense of renaissance enchantment with stunning architecture and skylines.
  • An American city, such as Chicago, Las Vegas or New York, can provide a jazzy, fun and glamorous atmosphere for weddings – just think of the lights!
savePhoto credit: Odrida via shutter stock
Photo credit: Odrida via shutterstock
Photo credit: Pigbrox via shutter stock


  • You may prefer a rustic, alfresco look over industrial-chic decor
  • Although there are many spectacular, private wedding venues in almost every city in the world, you won’t have the same exclusive, intimate feel that beach ceremonies grant.
  • Food, venues and accommodation are often more pricey in city centres.
savePhoto credit: Romankonovaloa
Photo credit: Romankonovaloa

Why choose a beach wedding?

For many couples, the answer is simple. Soft sand, calm seas and unrivalled sunsets make for INCREDIBLE photos. But as well as making everyone back home jealous with your wedding photo album, a beach wedding has many benefits.


  • The feel-good factor – yes, it’s no wonder the picture below looks SO tempting is it? Both the sun and the sea have been proven to release ‘feel good hormones’ and healing qualities, which makes being at the beach so appealing.
  • You will feel more relaxed and tranquil than you would in a city – who needs the extra wedding stress?
  • Sunsets are one of the most romantic natural beauties that we are blessed with day by day. Time the most special moment of your life right by tying the knot as the sun goes down over the waves.
  • Your guests will positively glow as they watch you say your vows.
savePhoto via: Oleksandr Nagaiets
Photo via: Oleksandr Nagaiets
Photo via shutterstock


  • Beach ceremonies have the tendency to feel slightly less elegant. Sand gets everywhere, and is it really the best terrain for killer heels?
  • A dreamy ocean breeze can too often turn into unwanted gusts of wind
  • Beach ceremonies are weather and tide dependent

So there you have the pros and cons to a city or beach wedding, but what really matters is that you choose the backdrop that is perfectly right for you as a couple. Where do you love to travel? Do you prefer a glamorous or relaxed atmosphere?

savePhoto: Miami - credit: Miami2you
Photo: Miami – credit: Miami2you

If you really cannot decide, however, combine them both! Zankyou suggests stunning destinations such as Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Rio de Janeiro or Miami, for the perfect blend of cityscape and vast, glistening coastlines.

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