The coolest of cool... a hipster wedding

The coolest of cool... a hipster wedding

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savePhoto: Nuno Palha
Photo: Nuno Palha

I do love traditional weddings where the groom wears top hat and tails and everything is classic. There really is something magical and elegant about these events, but not all weddings and certainly not all couples are the same. With urban culture in the UK more popular than ever, we’re now seeing all different types of weddings from rockabilly to hipster couples. A hipster wedding is uber cool, and yes, probably for the slighter younger couple but nevertheless I adore all elements of these weddings that are popping up more and more. From the decor to the guest attire, the wedding transportation, to the groom wearing that ever lasting trend of a beard and braces rather than a morning suit.

Want to know how you can spot a hipster wedding? Or want some tips if you’re planning one? Here are our top 30! 

1. The invitations come in a digital format.

2. With a really cool design as one or both of the couple work in the creative industry.

3. The invitations are probably interactive too.

4. The couple have their own style of typography or logo.

savePhoto: Sandra Hygonnenc
Photo: Sandra Hygonnenc

5. The dress code has been indicated on the invitations and on the save-the-date e-card.

6. The bride’s dress belonged to her grandmother, but still looks as perfect as the first day it was worn.

7. Or perhaps the dress is vintage couture.

8. Purchased at a vintage store in London.

9. 90% of  female guests are either wearing plaits or flowers in their hair.

10. The bride is wearing a plait AND flowers in her hair.

savePhoto: Christine Lebrasseur Photography
Photo: Christine Lebrasseur Photography

11. Welcome drinks of locally brewed ale is served in glass jam jars.

12. There is a cupcake tower.

13. The decor includes bunting, paper lanterns or fairylights.

14. The word “organic” is featured on the menu.

savePhoto: Danielle Capito
Photo: Danielle Capito

15. Vintage glass bottles are used as centrepieces.

16. The couple’s initials will feature somewhere as part of the decor.

17. The vehicle used by the couple is a VW camper van or a tandem bicycle.

18. All guests look like they live in warehouses in London. Sunglasses and beards are the standard accessory.

savePhoto: Glass Jar Photography
Photo: Glass Jar Photography

19. None of the chairs match, yet they still look like they are straight out of House & Home magazine.

20. The couple have their own hashtag and urge their guests to post photos to their instagram account.

21. There is a fun photobooth.

22. The wedding favours are edible. Probably a locally produced honey or chutney.

savePhoto: KT Merry Photography
Photo: KT Merry Photography

23. None of the men are wearing ties… but plenty of them have a bow-tie.

24. There are mock-tails for the non drinkers or designated drivers.

25. There is a retro sweets bar for the children… and adults.

26. The retro sweets bar matches the colour scheme.

27. The groom purposely grew his beard for the occasion.

savePhoto: Glass Jar Photography
Photo: Glass Jar Photography

28. There isn’t a guest book – but a vintage Polaroid camera or a typewriter.

29. A lot of the decor is from the couple’s home. Vintage luggage, old books, mismatching crockery.

30. The couple are probably going to Ibiza or for a cool city break for their honeymoon.

This theme is unique and completely personal to the couple. What is hipster or cool to one person is something completely different to another, so these types of weddings will never be the same. It’s something I always say, but as much as you want to look perfect and special on your big day (and quite rightly so) you also need to retain your own style and let your personality shine through.

Photo credits: Glass Jar Photography, KT Merry Photography, Nuno Palha, Sandra Hygonnenc, Christine Lebrasseur Photography, Danielle Capito.

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