{The And} - Love should be treated with respect, see here how emotion & honesty is the key to love

Topaz Adizes, a director known as the founder and creator of THE SKIN DEEP and a really innovative project called {The And} has created an interactive documentary in which you can navigate through 30 couples discussing the big themes of love and relationships.

Topaz Adizes says: “The Skin Deep is a transmedia collective focused on exploring human connection and intimacy in the digital age. In essence we create experiences that make people rethink how they connect with others. {THE AND} is the first experience we created.

Where did the idea of the your project emerge from, who came up with the idea?

It originated with THE SKIN DEEP, we  create experiences that focus on intimacy in the digital age. On exploring human connection. {THE AND} is the first experience that we created and how did it come about…. a long story short we wanted to put couples in the intimate spaces of relationships such that they could question and deepen their own relationships. A relationship isnt you, me, him, her, or Romeo, Juliet. It’s you AND me, him AND her, Romeo AND Juliet. A relationship is {THE AND}, its the space between. If we can create a safe space by which audiences can explore the {THE AND’s}, in their own life, the relationships in their own life, we could be providing a great deal of value and exploration to them. That, is the aim of THE SKIN DEEP – to create experiences that make you rethink how you connect with others.  

{The And}
{The And}

How did you chose the couples that were involved within the project.

In our team we have an amazing creative producer, Julia Gorbach. She went out and earned the trust of a number of couples that were open to participating. We looked for a diverse range of couples and we wanted all kinds of relationships. On {THE AND} you can see lesbian, gay, polyamory, monogamous, young, old, deaf, all kinds of relationships. This is one of the main powers about {THE AND} is that really every relationship in its own rights, works. Meaning there is a story to every relationship and if you ask the right questions then you can gain access to it. We at THE SKIN DEEP are good at asking the right questions.

What was the desired outcome of the project?

To create a space by which the audience can have a constructive conversation and experience to deepen the relationships in their own lives. We are now growing it into the first global living digital catalogue of human relationships.

Did your project reveal and supply a conclusion about breakups, love stories and ex relationships?

What I’ve learned from building {THE AND} is that our hearts are made to love. The heart does its best to love regardless of the fears of the individual and the the stigmas and rules of society. If you build the right environment, you can harness the energy of conflict, or of challenging questions, to deepen one’s relationships.

{The And}
{The And}

Do you have any future plans to repeat a similar kind of project?

THE SKIN DEEP has already released another series titled “Senior Orientation” with Vanity Fair and we have two more experiences we’ll be launching early 2016. You can hear about our new experiences by following us on twitter and instagram @the_skindeep

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