Romantica 2017 Wedding Dresses: The Fit Comes First

Do you want a dress that puts you in the spotlight and flatters your figure perfectly in your big day? You will find what you're looking for in the collection Romantica of Devon for 2017

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It doesn’t matter how beautiful your wedding dress is if it doesn’t fit perfectly. 

Here at Zankyou we know that the wedding dress search can be long and stressful. You want to look and feel amazing on the most special day of your life, and rightly so. Well, to do this, you need to be sure that your gown has been altered specifically to your shape and is made from quality fabrics that are comfortable. Luckily, you’ll get all this and more by seeking your dress from Romantica of Devon.

Romantica has been proudly dressing brides across the country for 30 years. It’s been able to expand from a small homegrown label in Devonshire to being one of the biggest bridal names in Europe, whilst still maintaining it’s family-run values and a dedication to quality. To the designers, seamstresses and manufacturers of this British bridal house, a wedding dress is “a statement of style, personality, and above all, romance.”

This year however, Romantica aren’t just continuing to produce stunning gowns that ooze glamour and romance, but the Romantica design office have also spent the last few months studying patterns, construction and fabrics to innovate a superior quality and fit. This, when combined with the fact that Romantica hand-pick all of their stockists and boutiques according to their staff knowledge and bespoke alterations services, means that it’s a name you can really trust for that flawless fit.

What is so fantastic about this initiative is that Romantica has been working closely with its boutiques to find out what brides really want.  They started by asking how brides feel in their dresses, and wondered how they could ensure that they’ll never want to take it off. This led them to look extensively into the fabrics they use, even in the underskirts and the linings. The research has enabled them to improve  the feel of each and every dress, making them comfortable and soft to improve the confidence of the bride.  The superior quality of each gown is thoroughly examined by Romantica’s five in-house checkers, so no dress leaves the factory unless it’s perfect!

The other common issue that seems to worry most brides, Romantica found, is how the wedding dress fits around the bust area. Now, the company believe they have almost eliminated the gaping bust problem for their brides, through careful research. “We believe our new pattern offers a greatly improved bust shape, not only for sample size 10 but across the board, from a size 8 to 32”, explains Romantica Collections Designer, Hannah Gardner, “the bust fit is paramount, to ensure every bride feels secure, supported and comfortable”.

So Romantica have been adapting their patterns and constructions to what you, as a modern bride, wants for your dream day. 2017 trends include more glamorous figure-hugging styles and Romantica have recognised that brides no longer desire heavy construction but instead are looking for more simplified construction, luxurious quality, comfort and a secure fit.

So whether you’re a size 8 or a 32, have a look through Romantica’s gorgeous collections and know that you’ll feel amazing and look flawless.

Fit: check. Quality: check. Romance: check. Now all that’s left to do is choose your favourite design!

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