Reasons why a Wedding Planner is a necessity and not an added expense

The controversy of the time involved in planning and organising a wedding is fast becoming a hot topic. Here we introduce to you the idea to save time and money and enjoy organising your dream day.

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At the time of the wedding preparations, decoration is one of the topics that the bride and groom seem to obsess over. It really is irrelevant whether you are the type who dreams of ‘harmonious less is more’ or ‘elaborate and grand wedding decoration’ there is always a final image in mind. However bringing an ‘image’ to life, takes time and professional services, so call a Wedding Designer from the Wedding graduate Institute, a training institute in Europe.

savePhoto : Karimage
Photo : Karimage

The wedding planning and wedding decoration are two important and large parts of the organisation that take a lot of time and effort. The wedding planning industry and wedding planners are fast becoming a necessity when it comes to getting married and there are now many that have the training and experience offering fantastic services. . To have the best and most professional planner, we recommend the Wedding Institute who assist ambitious and motivated individuals who want to embark on this career, they offer specific training in wedding planning and are one of the first to be able to introduce a certified profession as a Wedding Designer, decorator or event organiser.

The Wedding Designer’s mission is to create moods and set an ambiance with their experience and decorative ideas. Tableware, floral art, set design and graphics are details included in accomplishing this! There are many services and times that it is recommended you look for and hire a wedding planning professional, so make an appointment with them approximately 6 – 9 months before your big day to discuss and start organising your dream day. Your first meeting with the wedding planner will cover two of the most important elements of your day, the theme and color scheme, a theme,  inspiration that will compliment your reception venue.

savePhoto : Mónica Carrera
Photo : Mónica Carrera

Table and venue decoration at the reception including the spaces dedicated for the guest book, the photobooth, the cocktail reception and dinner to name but a few are all areas that need to be well dressed and included within the theme. Once you have discussed everything with the wedding planner and your requirements have been agreed, they will purchase the necessary items to start creating, they will handle meetings and reservations taking control and implementing all your ideas.

They will be present on the day as they will receive, setup  and install all the additional decoration. Wedding designers and planners all work very differently with regards to team, assistants etc, however relax as they are the professional and will judge by your requirements, size of wedding, location etc whether they need a person or team to assist them. Your job on your wedding day is to look gorgeous, get married and enjoy time with your friends, family and new husband, let the planner worry about the ‘behind the scenes’ details.

savePhoto : Mónica Carrera
Photo : Mónica Carrera

We are all always curious about prices and tariffs but with wedding planners, you pay for the services you need, nothing more and nothing less and so this proposal is presented to you after your first consultation with them and they have fully established your needs.

Those of you who are wondering about wedding trends, have no concerns. Who says marriage spells ‘tradition’ and not classic extravagance which is generally not appropriate! Will you follow trends… we often see and more so recently trends and themes such as bohemian chic becoming more and more popular. Country chic, picnic, romantic, the theme depends on time of year, location, nationality and of course you, the Bride and Groom on what inspires you! This is another benefit of working with an experienced professional, they know what does and doesn’t work but if there is something you really really want, they can help you to achieve it.

savePhoto : Susana Ríos
Photo : Susana Ríos

If you want to pursue a career full of love and happiness, being organised and assisting in one of the most important days in someone’s life  then we would urge you to consider becoming a trained professional wedding planner with the Wedding Institute. The courses generally consist of 2 weeks training and there are also opportunities which you can participate in additional course available such as Floral Art Stationery. This training will teach you the basics in event decoration, including use of color, materials, lighting of a place, safety standards, etc, it will enable you to develop your creativity and passion and then you can showcase your ideas professionally.PIXEL:

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