Real Wedding: Solène and Mathieu's First Encounter on a Plane and their Subsequent Beautiful Wedding in Brittany

She didn’t especially yearn for a policeman, nor did he particularly wish for an air hostess. However, with timidity pushed aside, a glance and a coffee on board a plane, their prejudices vanished. Love triumphed; Solène and Mathieu, since their coffee date, have experienced a true love story. Today we will discover their pink and grey wedding through photographs captured by Anh Pictures.

The Meeting

“I am an air hostess. I love my job, the travels, and the encounters. My two elder sisters married policemen. At the time, my brother-in-law had spoken about a certain Mathieu, his colleague and friend. However, Mathieu didn’t want to meet with an air hostess and I didn’t want to meet with a policeman. Aaaaah prejudice! On March 8th 2011 while I was at Paris Orly, my sister sent me a message to inform me that Mathieu was also at the airport for a patrol and that I must invite him for coffee on the plane. After slight hesitation, I did. Mathieu arrived but only stayed a few minutes because the passengers began to board. But that was enough, on that day our prejudices took off as if by magic.”

The proposal

“After two and a half years and some kisses on the road at 6am, somewhere between the police station where Mathieu was finishing his service and the airport where I was catching my flight and later on picking up our little boy, Mathieu invited me to a gourmet restaurant, L’Ambrosia de Pezens. He had thought of everything; our baby cared for by granny and a black dress, tights and pumps for me. During dessert, while I was telling him that I preferred his financiers to those of the restaurant, he pulled out a stunning ring from his pocket. It was a magical moment to hear him ask me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.” 

The Preparations

“Living so far from my best friends, I couldn’t wait until I saw them to tell them the news. And so, the next day I sent them a photo of my ring. I had no doubt in my mind that they would be the bridesmaids at my wedding. I come from Morbihan, we live in Toulouse, and I work in Paris. Mathieu therefore immediately understood my desire to get married at my parents’. We decided to take our time organising the wedding, and chose to marry in August 2015. Everything went as planned. I already knew the room in which I would hold the reception and the dinner: Salle Artus de Noyal-Pontivy.

The walls and ceiling are both white, and the floor magnificent. The room is large and there is a beautiful stage. There was also an adjoining room for the reception. I knew that I would have to work hard to decorate it but this was what Mathieu and I both wanted.  Throughout the course of the year, I scoured ideas and social networks. Pinterest became my best friend for creating a wedding, all in pink and grey. With help from Mathieu, we created a cutting and sticking workshop. I wanted lots of floral decoration, and so, I relied on our florist. We opted for a reception with high-snack tables and cooking workshops before the guests.

For the rest of the evening, we chose a full plate service. We also called on a baker for the cake. For my dress, I didn’t have to search long before finding happiness, coming across it in only the second store. As soon as I put it on I knew it would be the one. The photographer was not an issue. Anh is a friend of mine with an immense talent. I knew that she would capture all the beautiful moments and emotions of our special day.”

Photo : Anh Pictures
Photo : Anh Pictures

The Big Day

“The week before the wedding we were already in Brittany in order to welcome the guests arriving from all over France and abroad: The United States and Germany. And so came the big day! Early morning awakening. An appointment at the hairdressers. The florist met us to deliver the various bouquets, the flowers for my hairstyle as well as those for the men’s suits. The first tears were cast at this point, from discovering my bouquet and the pretty floral compositions to my grandmother returning from hospital a few days before the wedding.

The city councillor who wedded us is a friend of the family. He had customised his whole discourse with personal anecdotes as well as the story of our encounter. The ceremony was rich with emotion; we shifted from laughter to tears of joy in seconds. It was particularly moving to see my little man bringing us our wedding bands. It was as though he had stars in his eyes! No words can ever express how much we appreciate those that were present to share such an unforgettable day with us. The day was exceptional, full of exceptional people.

Anh’s photos perfectly reflect the day and the feelings and emotions of everyone there. She moved among all the guests until the early hours. Seeing the photos again several months later still brings tears to my eyes.”

Did you like Solène & Mathieu‘s wedding? Discover their suppliers: Photography: Ahn Pictures Reception Venue: Salle Artus à Noyal-Pontivy  Dress: Linéa Raffaelli  Bride’s Shoes: Bocage  Groom’s Suit: Serge Blanco  Florist : L’Eden de Pontivy   Hair Stylist: Norbert Coiffure  Catering: Globe Traiteur.

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