Real Wedding: Gabi and Edward's perfect day in South Africa

The perfect day at the perfect venue- Real Wedding in South Africa´s Belmon Mount Nelson.

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Meet Gabi and Edward, the darling “London couple” who had a not so London Wedding! The whole affair just oozed sophistication: The gorgeous elegance of the Rosa Clara dress, the luxurious Belmond Mount Nelson venue; and every precious moment all beautifully captured by the wonderful Christine Meintjes photography.

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Why The Belmond Mount Nelson?

If you´re looking for that wow factor destination wedding venue and want to add a touch of class then look no further than the Belmond Mount Nelson. With its idyllic garden setting and the stunning Cable Mountain as your backdrop, your perfect day just got a whole lot more perfect.

Belmond 3Belmond

And that´s clearly what swung our newlyweds Gabi and Edward. With the groom being of Italian and Swedish descent, and the bride being Portugese, an international wedding was always on the cards. Wanting to reflect their multicultural family and heritage, they chose the spectacular South Africa. From there, it´s hard not to fall in love with The Belmond Mount Nelson and the couple selected the hotel for its “old-world “Afro-pean” charm and funky urban setting”. With the location being smack bang in the middle of Capetown it also meant easy access to the city centre for that late night partying!


And what about the dress?

The bride said yes in a stunningly simple yet sophisticated silk jersey top paired with a raw silk skirt from the Spanish designer Rosa Clara. The overall look being elegant, modern and timeless. “I had fallen in love with an image of a dress but it wasn´t until the random coincidence that I had a work meeting in Barcelona that I managed to try on my dream dress. I ordered it then and there- It felt timeless and yet incredibly modern and refreshing.”


Congratulations Gaby and Edward!


Credits: The Pretty Blog, Photography by Christine Meintjes

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