Real Wedding: 1 Acrobatic couple, 12 weddings and the most incredible photos!

When we first heard about their unique story, we were intrigued by Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard, and when we saw their wedding photos, we were completely blown away. An acrobatic couple from the US that decided to travel the world and hold their wedding in 12 different countries. Something that’s been done before you say? Well yes, but not quite with the same artistic grace, posing in the most beautiful way, doing what they do best.

The couple have been officially ordained so that they can marry each other! Their nuptials will take them around the globe to 6 continents with one huge wedding bash when they get back home to LA at the end of the month.

We contacted Cheetah, and the couple were kind enough to take a few moments out from their incredible travels to talk to Zankyou and tell us a bit more about what inspired them to jet off and get married in this way…


Why did you decide to go on this amazing wedding trip?
A traditional wedding was going to be to expensive for us and we figured out we could spend much less and experience way more by traveling the world and creating our own personal wedding ceremony.

How many countries have you “married” in so far?
We have been married in 10 countries so far!

Where are you right now?
We are in Sydney, Australia! Tomorrow is our last day here. Then off to Fiji!!

Which wedding has been your favourite so far?
Getting married in front of the pyramids of Giza was the most powerful and majestic feeling we have felt so far. It was truly awe inspiring.

What advice would you give to couples contemplating a destination wedding?
Don’t let wedding traditions clarify you. Ask yourself, what IS a wedding. Then slowly create the wedding ceremony that fits your description.
Don’t do anything because it’s what you are supposed to do. Create a wedding that is entirely based on what you want to do. You will be much happier and Far less stressed.

“Our wedding is OUR perfect wedding. It isn’t for everyone, but we hope that we inspire couples to rethink their weddings and take the time to discover their own perfect wedding”

An incredible journey, and their photos are equally magical, have a look…



























The last we heard, the couple were in Fiji, continuing their magnificent love story and making memories. We’d like to thank Cheetah and Rhiann for talking to Zankyou and hopefully inspiring many other couples considering a destination wedding. As beautiful as a traditional wedding in the UK is, it’s not always for everyone and many times it can be cheaper to marry abroad. If this is something you’re considering, then these articles may be of interest: Are you thinking about a destination wedding? Here’s how to plan the perfect wedding abroad!The 65 best places for a worldwide wedding reception.

Congratulations Cheetah and Rhiann! If you’d like to follow their love journey, you can follow them on their Facebook page and if you’d like to contribute to their wonderful flights, hotels and experiences then you can do so on their personal travel page.

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