Pre-wedding healthy diet and exercise: our top tips!

Look and feel your best on your wedding day by following our pre-wedding healthy diet and exercise tips!

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Every bride to be wants to look their best on their wedding day, and for many of us that means making some changes to our lifestyle! In our recent survey, 55% said they needed a pre-wedding diet. Being healthier will not only help you look good but it’ll also fight of the stress of planning your big day, so the sooner you start the better. Here are our tips on how to follow a healthy diet and hit your weight loss goal.

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1. Ditch the sugary drinks

Sugary drinks and even things that have their nutritional value as a selling point, like smoothies and fruit juices, contain a lot of calories and put next to no dent in your appetite. Ditch them in favour of water, tea or coffee. While we’re on the hot drinks front, don’t forget milk is calorific too. Next time go Americano instead of latte! If you’re exercising and think you need a sports drink, think again. Unless you’re doing an endurance event like a marathon, you have more than enough readily available energy to get through your workout. Just go with water, and drink to thirst.

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2. Portion control mind tricks

There are a few little mind tricks you can use to cut your portions at mealtime without it feeling like you’ve made much sacrificeFor one thing, serve your food onto plates ahead of sitting down to eat rather than serving from on the table. It’s easy to go in for seconds when it’s sat right in front of you taunting you, and it’s tempting to feel as though you have to finish what’s there just for the sake of it. Serve in the kitchen and save yourself from having quite so many second helpings.

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Another thing that can help you stave off the desire for another serve is to make a rule to wait for 10. Your body’s slow to let you know it’s had enough. Give yourself 10 minutes after the first portion and you’re way less likely to feel hungry enough for a second one. Lastly, use a smaller plate! Research has shown that the same portion on a smaller plate makes people feel fuller – it’s as though we see the plate size as the amount we should be eating. Smaller plate, smaller portions, but just as satisfied.

3. Burn it off without burning out

Everyone knows that if you’re looking to lose weight, it’s not just about getting your diet right you’ve got to get a healthy amount of exercise in too. For some people this can be tougher than for others, know yourself; don’t go too hard too soon or you’ll struggle to keep up the pace and lose motivation. If shedding some extra pounds for the dress, the photos and the honeymoon isn’t motivation enough, get your bridesmaids in on your health kick. 37% of the brides we asked about their pre-wedding diets told us they did so with the help of friends, specialists and by seeking professional advice.

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Try to find something that you enjoy. Some people love the me time that running brings, others find it a drag. Think about whether you might get on better with a class like Zumba, or something even more social and slightly adventurous like going to a climbing wall. There’s a fun way to be active that suits everyone, and clubs tend to be incredibly welcoming to beginners. Once you get going it could become something you don’t want to miss!

4. Natural high

If you can chip away at making changes to your diet and make some strides at exercising more regularly, you’ll soon find that they help each other along. You eat a healthy meal, you feel healthy, so you’re more motivated to get the trainers on, which means you’re less likely to sneak some fries at lunch, which means…well you get the drift. Bit by bit these healthy habits make you feel good, they give you a natural high and this is one addiction you won’t mind having! 

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5. Do the maths

Don’t set yourself an unrealistic weight loss target. Think carefully about what lifestyle changes you can realistically achieve and how long you have to hit your target. There are lots of apps and websites out there that can help you estimate how many calories you take in and burn on an average day, and use this to figure out how much you’ll have to shift these numbers to lose the weight in time. 

You’ll find that by sticking to our tips you’ll look and feel your best as well as deal with any planning stress much better. You may even find you are up for having a pre-wedding bridal photo session!

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