Planning the wedding theme: start early!

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  • Planning a wedding well in time

A wedding is one of the most important and happy events in many people’s life. For that reason, it is sensible to start organizing the “most beautiful day of your life” long before the actual wedding date. Many couples think about giving their sweet day a special motto which can serve as a guideline for dress codes and atmosphere and which adds a certain degree of individuality to the celebration. One can get some inspiration by collecting information about the latest wedding decor trends which activate one’s personal imagination. To save time and power one can research the World Wide Web initially.

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  • Do not hesitate to say “no”

As the internet offers a huge amount of information and provides one with many different ideas, it might happen that one orders some decorative devices online and eventually regrets it because they do not fit one’s style and taste. Even though one might have transferred the money for the item already, as it was perhaps possible to pay with paypal, one should not hesitate to say “no” afterwards and send it back. Otherwise, one will have a wardrobe full of unnecessary stuff and will not find a clear style direction for one’s wedding day. Apart from that, one should not simply accept an item which does not match the online description. It is definitely a good reason for charge back if the quality is not as good as the description promised.

Green wedding theme - Foto: Green Wedding Shoes
  • Finding the right wedding theme

Beside the classic wedding arrangement, many people nowadays plan celebrations according to a modern and entertaining theme. The possibilities range from a Hawaiian decoration and music over a movie-based set up to a specifically Asian food selection depending on one’s personal taste and financial capacities. It is important to find one dominant theme which leaves enough room for one’s personal imagination.

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