Perfect Party: A Great Choice for Gourmet Wedding Catering

The perfect wedding means a happy couple sharing a fitting ceremony and reception with those close to them, enchanted by the path they are taking to the point where the words “…and everyone lived happily ever after” could bookend their big day.

That perfection though, doesn’t come easily, it requires umpteen arrangements, and little requires such meticulous planning as the wedding banquet. Perfect Party are a catering and banquet company that bring ten years of experience to the table, and will no doubt amaze you with the quality of its service, with its extraordinary traditional yet innovative culinary skills that make use of the finest ingredients to pull together tantalising menus tailored to each couple’s every wish.

“We specialise in catering and banqueting services tailored to the needs of our customers, handling the design and realisation of the event with particular pride, taking care of each and every detail. The kitchen offers a menu put together in line with the wishes of each individual customer, fitting with the theme of their event. On request, a catering service can be agreed and delivered with the collaboration with our award-winning chef.”

“We have been based in Pietrasanta and Versilia for 20 years, where we have prided ourselves on being dedicated to offering niche services. We book only one wedding at a time to ensure we maintain the highest possible standards in every event. We also offer the bride and groom a wedding coordinator service so we can take care of the design personally, according to each situation and coordinating the various suppliers to allow you the freedom to enjoy you big day.”

Rest assured that Perfect Party will make sure everything is just so, the fundamental principle of their service is to deliver a taste sensation that will leave you and your guests completely enamoured by a banquet that accompanies perfectly the wonderful day you will share with those closest to you.

“Boredom is not allowed to feature in our kitchen. The same philosophy carries through to the table on your wedding day, where sophisticated floral arrangements will be in place, lit by the warm glow of candles, perfect in every detail and all in the expert hands of our staff. The presentation of the wedding cake becomes a highlight: a beautifully lit gazebo houses the fabulous wedding cake with music playing as you cut the cake in style, in another unforgettable moment.”

Perfect Party can also bring its creativity onto water, with the potential for exclusive on-board catering where “in partnership with the excellent Rental agency, luxury on-board catering on high-level boats from 10 to 60 metres can be organised. Embark not only in anticipation of the culinary delights, but the atmosphere of Arabian Nights.” A great way to host a party for yourself and spouse with ten other guests, before meeting with others as you dock back at the port again.

Perfect Party will win you over before you’ve even had opportunity to taste their mouthwatering culinary creations! Their reputation for extraordinary catering and the innovation with which they present the delicious food alone will make it clear to you just how experienced and imaginative their offerings are.

Get your ideas together on how to have your guests talking about your wedding catering by clicking here: Catering ideas to tickle your guests tastebuds at your 2016 wedding!

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