Our Mini-Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding in Paris

Thinking about getting married in Paris? Here are all the contacts you need to plan the most beautiful day of your life in the most beautiful city in the world!

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If you’re getting married in Paris, our mini-guide is a must-read. It’ll tell you everything you need to know, including which wedding providers to hire.

So, he got down on one knee at the top of the Eiffel Tower and said those words you’ve longed to hear. It was magical, but now you’ve got all that planning to think about. To help you out with what can often be a monumental task, we’ve put together this guide which will become your bible over the next few months. We want your wedding to be perfect just as much as you do.

In this guide, you’ll find only Paris’ finest wedding planning services which will take care of everything, making all those months of planning exciting and enjoyable rather than a chore.

Simon Cassanas PhotographieLearn more about “Simon Cassanas Photographie”
Photo: Simon Cassanas Photographie

The first stages of the planning process are the most crucial. Get things off to a good start and get on the phone to a wedding planner. They’ll be there throughout the build-up to your big day to make all of your visions a reality. Rest assured, all of the wedding planners we’ve included in this guide have no shortage of imagination. Full of creativity, experience, incredible attention to detail and of course answers to all your wedding queries, the Sandy. T Events Paris team are waiting to organise your perfect and completely unique wedding day.

Sandy. T Events Paris Learn more about “Sandy. T Events Paris ”
Photo: Fred Marigaux Photographe – Sandy. T Events Paris

If the kind of wedding you have in mind is one full of glamour and luxury, look no further than Perles d’émotions wedding planners who specialise in high-end wedding planning. Renowned for their incredible work, your wishes are their command and no idea is too out-there. With experience organising over 300 weddings, you can rest assured that you will be in the very safe hands of some of the trendiest Parisian wedding planners around.

Perles d'Emotions Learn more about “Perles d'Emotions ”
Photo: Studio Cabrelli Photographe – Perles d’Emotions

Another agency more than capable of fulfilling your wedding wishes is Yes We Do. Their number one priority is making sure you get to enjoy the wedding that you have always dreamed of. They’ll come up with a few different sets of plans, each adapted to your requests and requirements, leaving it up to you to choose which you think will work best. We’ll leave you to discover their impressive range of services you’re sure to fall in love with.

Yes We DoLearn more about “Yes We Do”
Photo: Yes We Do

You might already have some places in mind for where you’d like to hold the reception and you’ll probably have at least a vague idea of how you’d like the celebrations to go, but we’ll present you with some of our best picks! But first things first: have you thought about your wedding transport? No? Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Why not take a look at La Traction Parisienne ? Their fleet of rare and high-end cars will guarantee that you arrive to your wedding in true style.

La Traction ParisienneLearn more about “La Traction Parisienne”
Photo: La Traction Parisienne

Now you’ve got the car sorted, it’s time to think about where you’re going to hold your wedding reception. For some of the most beautiful reception rooms, we have to recommend Le Trianon Palace Versailles, situated in the luxurious gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

Le Trianon Palace Versailles

Photo: Le Trianon Palace Versailles

Another magnificent spot for your reception is Le Shangri-La Hotel. This fantastic venue consists of no less than 65 rooms, 36 suites, 3 restaurants, 5 reception rooms and even a wellbeing space. The building itself has retained its historical charm and authenticity but it also incorporates a modern and luxurious aspect. The hotel’s tastefully decorated rooms are perfect for those wanting a sophisticated and glamorous wedding.

Le Shangri-la Hotel Paris Learn more about “Le Shangri-la Hotel Paris ”
Photo: Le Shangri-la Hotel Paris

Those planning a more intimate wedding reception should consider La Maison des Polytechniciens. Although less well-known, La Maison des Polytechniciens enjoys a glowing reputation. The beautifully-lit rooms, terrace, and stunning gardens are perfect for a magical evening wedding reception to remember.

La Maison des PolytechniciensLearn more about “La Maison des Polytechniciens”
Photo: La Maison des Polytechniciens

The next place on our list is Le Café Barge. It’s cute and cosy and the sort of place where everyone feels at ease. Even the trendiest of brides will approve of this fashionable venue. A bit off the wall and unusual, this place promises to host a fun and unforgettable evening.

Le Café Barge Learn more about “Le Café Barge ”
Photo: Le Café Barge

The next thing to think about is organising your bouquet and floral displays for your big day. The flower displays put together by Pauline at Les Fleurs de Pauline are beautiful and will look perfect no matter where you choose to hold your reception. Pauline is also able to put together a bouquet for the bride and some floral hair accessories for the bridesmaids.

Another wonderful florist able to help you out is  Fleuriste du Coin. All their displays are carefully curated, whilst remaining colourful and fresh. With their expertise and experience, Fleuriste de Coin is the perfect place to go to have your bouquet made.

So Art Floral is also a fantastic port of call for wedding flowers. All of their arrangements and decoration is completely customised to you and your taste, making your event an exclusive and special one.

Le Fleuriste du CoinLearn more about “Le Fleuriste du Coin”
Photo: Le Fleuriste du Coin

Overwhelmed by the thought of picking out which flowers you want? Mélanie Miguel can sort you out. With a wealth of experience in all things wedding, Mélanie is just the person to know how to put together an ensemble that will wow your guests. She’ll look after everything for you. Just let her know what you need in the way of bouquets, centerpieces, buffet decorations and ceremony decorations, and she’ll put something together that you will love!

Mélanie Miguel Learn more about “Mélanie Miguel ”
Photo: Mélanie Miguel

On to food. One of the most important aspects of your wedding reception and one of the most surefire ways to impress your guests. One of our top picks for supplying some fabulous food is Chloé cuisine en vert. Not only do Chloé’s creations look incredible, they also taste wonderful. With her infectious sense of humour, Chloé is full of creative ideas to help you put together your ideal menu. Just let her know what you would like – a full sit down meal, a buffet or even a picnic-style lunch and you can be sure that she will bend over backwards to make it happen!

Chloé cuisine en vertLearn more about “Chloé cuisine en vert”
Photo: Chloé Lapeysonnie Photographie – Chloé cuisine en vert

The incredibly elegant creations of Marie Chemorin are also the perfect answer to a sophisticated menu. As a truly talented culinary creator, Marie is capable of all sorts. She starts by asking all about your story as a couple so that she can create the perfect personalised menu. For more information on Marie and her work, take a look at her website.

Marie Chemorin Traiteur Learn more about “Marie Chemorin Traiteur ”
Photo: Elise Lucas Photographe – Marie Chemorin Traiteur

You’ve got the main dishes sorted but why not add an original touch to your buffet. Consider hiring some glasses from Chocolatmagic. They have a range of champagne flutes and glasses available for hire that you could fill with champagne or, alternatively, artisan chocolates for your guests.

Chocolat MagicLearn more about “Chocolat Magic”
Photo: Chocolat Magic

Now that you’ve got some of the finer details sorted, it’s time for the biggest task of all. The dress and all the accessories to go with it. Where better to start than with Laure de Sagazan? There’s nothing more special than a bespoke dress, and all Laure de Sagazan’s creations ooze elegance, each one unique and made to measure.

Adélie MétayerLearn more about “Adélie Métayer”
Photo: Nicky Rasa – Adélie Métayer

Adélie Métayer is definitely someone to visit, too. Taking place all from the comfort of her apartment, Adélie will welcome you to her home where you’ll discuss exactly what you want from your perfect dress. From there, she promises to go to great lengths to incorporate your personality into your dress as well as all your requests!

Les Mariés FOXLearn more about “Les Mariés FOX”
Photo: Les Mariés FOX

Last but not least, Mariées FOX has certainly caught our attention in the past. Their dresses are different, yet chic, and every one of them unique whilst keeping up with current wedding dress trends, so come along and see what they could create for you!

Even though most dresses will cover them, everyone wants to have just the right shoes on their special day. Alix de la Forest has some stunning styles on offer, some open-toed designs and other closed styles, many of which are made from gorgeous Italian leather. With over 150 designs to pick from you can be sure that you will leave with the perfect pair of shoes for your special day.

Alix de la ForestLearn more about “Alix de la Forest”
Photo: Alix de la Forest

Let’s take a quick look at where to go to get your hair perfectly coiffed for the big day. One of our favourite picks is Atelier Coquette who guarantees the perfect do you’ve been dreaming of, be it a modern, vintage, glamorous or just classically feminine style.

Atelier Coquette/ Photo : Lucie PregensLearn more about “Atelier Coquette/ Photo : Lucie Pregens”
Atelier Coquette/ Photo : Lucie Pregens


Photo: Lucie Pregens – Atelier Coquette

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the men either! Make sure you get them along to Alain Maître Barbier Coiffeur. Your groom will feel right at home in Alain’s welcoming and traditional salon where you can choose from a wide range of styles, not only for hair but for beards and moustaches too!

Once you and your husband-to-be are looking the part, the only thing left to organise is the photographer – something that definitely requires some consideration so that you can look back on the day and relive all the best moments with some beautiful photos.

Gabi Alves Learn more about “Gabi Alves ”
Photo: Gabi Alves

The incredibly talented Gabi Alves comes highly recommended. She knows how to capture all the best moments and will make sure you end up with a complete and traditional album with all the shots you are after whilst also including some more artistic ones to add a special and unique touch to our wedding album.

Photo: Simon Cassanas

Simon Cassanas is also a phenomenal photographer whose attention to colour and composition shines through in all his work, making his photos the perfect way to immortalise one the most important days in your life.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something a bit different, why not speak to Techni-Flight, who will photograph and film your wedding using a drone, meaning you can really relive the day over and over again!

So, there you have it – all the recommendations you need to plan a spectacular Parisian wedding. Why not go for it? Tie the knot in the City of Love, safe in the knowledge that Zankyou has sourced the very best providers the capital has to offer.

This is not a ranked list.

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