Organising Your Big Day With The Baja: A Romantic Roman Wedding Venue

As a society, we talk about wedddings a lot – the dresses, the parties, the honeymoons and the dreaded new mother-in-law… However, only we at Zankyou delve deeper to take you to the core of what makes a great wedding, to the very heart of the perfect ceremony, and that is its organisation. And we continue to do this today with the help of the staff at the Baja, an innovative, creative Destination Wedding location in the always beautiful Rome.

The Baja stands proudly on the bank of the Tiber, in an ancient port barge, differing from many other locations for its uniqueness and elegance, while maintaining its rustic, homemade personality. But whilst we could spend all day telling you about this incredible destination, we feel it’s better coming straight from the experts. So let’s go into the depths of the Baja together, and discover all of its luxurious services and hidden features…

1. Let’s start from the beginning: what happens when the couple first arrive at the venue?

The bride and groom are welcomed by our Event Managers, who have worked both internally and internationally, with experience organising weddings all across Europe in its best and biggest capital cities. The spaces available for a wedding are shown, from the upper floors with its panoramic terraces, to the outdoor locations along the river. Couples who are looking for that little bit more can also access more exclusive areas, and take advantage of the many services that the Baja is able to offer for the wedding day. For example, Baja can organise for you to arrive on the wedding day via a boat along the Tiber, in an exciting and extravagant surprise for your guests. And that’s not the only thing that the Baja offers!

2. Once the bride and groom have hired you, how do you organise every detail of the big day?

Our clients are accompanied through every step of their wedding planning process – decisions are made only after the bride and groom have been consulted and have expressed their wishes for their big day. For example, menu templates are drawn up after the couple have interacted with the chef, who also contributes ideas of their own (usually based on season and theme). Once these kinds of logistics and details have been decided upon – from food and drinks to flowers to music and even to the printing of the menus – our clients are able to carry out the equivalent of a rehearsal dinner at the Baja to try out the food and drinks, and get an insight into how their big day will be. 

3. What is the secret to being able to perfectly plan each phase of the reception?

The secret is to deliver what the client has asked for and then some to exceed their expectations. This can only be achieved by professionals in the planning sector who are able to interpret the needs of their clients without having to continually ask them what they want. Organisation, coordination, a sharp and focused mind, problem-solving skills, attention to detail and a huge capacity for fun are all required. These are the key points for perfect planning!

4. Last question! Why should couples choose the Baja as a location for their big day?

Rome is a busy, bustling city, and the Baja is an oasis of peace and tranquility right in the heart of it. On board the Baja, you will have an unforgettable experience in a truly magical place. A free, elegant and well-equipped structure, built on an ancient port barge anchored on the banks of the Tiber in the centre of Rome… what more could you want? All you have to do is walk down the river bank, leave behind the chaos and frenzy of Rome, and you will find yourself in another dimension, where silence, peace and the beauty of Rome can be enjoyed. You will also be continually pampered with food, wine, cocktails and music whilst the Tiber will enchant you with its slow and eternal waves.

Your dream of love in the heart of the capital and on the banks of the river will be truly realised with the Baja! This is the ideal location for bridal couples looking for innovation without sacrificing taste and tradition… What are you waiting for? Try the river experience with the Baja today!

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