Organising The Perfect Vegetarian Wedding

Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity for you to show the creativity and versatility of a vegetarian/vegan diet. Use this article as inspiration! Enjoy!

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When it comes to the question of vegetarian meals or even a vegan menu at the wedding, it is always a matter of whether you want to reflect your own lifestyle as a bridal couple or to respond to the needs of individual guests. Of course, the wedding is all about you. Therefore, if you and your partner are not vegetarians, you shouldn’t have to compromise. If you know that vegetarian or vegan guests are participating in the meal, however, you can create appropriate alternatives.

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How do I organise a vegetarian wedding menu?

In short, with the right caterer. Preparing a vegetarian menu or buffet is no more difficult than preparing one with meat in. And even if you want to consider the meat-eating guests, you can offer tofu schnitzel, a seitan stew or come up with other creative solutions so that they don’t feel like they’re necessarily eating “rabbit food”. This is also true in the opposite case: vegetarian and vegan supplements can easily be incorporated into a mainly carnivorous menu.

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It is also recommended, for moral as well as health reasons, to consider and make special allowances for the guests who suffer from food intolerance. To do so, you can also offer a range of gluten-free food or desserts without milk, nuts, starches and so on. Most venues who include food in their wedding packages are happy to design special menus for these people – so in many cases, this is not even something you will need to worry about sorting yourself. However, it is a good idea to make sure that you include a tick-box option on your invitations!

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Wedding caterers are very rarely asked to produce completely vegetarian or vegan menus and buffets. This is, of course, due to the dietary habits of the bride and groom as well as to the fact that only a small number of guests will be vegetarian or vegan.

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If you are reading this article as an approaching guest at a vegetarian or vegan wedding, then we can only advise you to accept the wedding couple’s wishes for a meat-free wedding. It is not about convincing you to follow a certain lifestyle, but about the fact that the two lovebirds want to have a nice day and not compromise on something that they believe in.

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Additionally, having a vegetarian wedding does not have to be something that restricts your menu. With the growing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism in the United Kingdom, new dishes are being created every day that are just as delicious as any plate involving meat or fish. As aforementioned, tofu is a brilliant suplement for vegetarian guests, but why not take it one step further and try tofu steak for your main course? The team at One Green Planet have some fantastic ideas for all courses of your reception meal, that not only look appetising, but also taste incredible. 

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Whether it’s the wedding decorationswedding dress, groom’s outfit, the design of the invitations and the wedding favours, the choice of DJ or the wedding dinner – in the end, they’re all important elements of the wedding planning process. You can pleasantly surprise the guests with the reception decoration so why not wow them with a delicious vegetarian meal?

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