Organising a wedding brunch – make it pretty and tasty!

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So you want to do something different where your food is concerned. Cupcakes are all over the place and sharing tables are pretty normal by now. Street food is everywhere and dessert tables are all the rage. But what about brunch?

Sweet and savoury, healthy and naughty, brunch is one of my favourite concepts. Think lazy weekend mornings, think casual dining, think a real treat.

If you think a brunch concept would work nicely for your big day (especially if you’re having an early ceremony or would like to have the ceremony during or after the party), here are some ideas on what to serve and how to decorate your wedding brunch reception.

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Think buffet style, think lots of picking and piling your plate up. Think about creating a casual atmosphere where your guests can talk and get to know each other while they graze a whole range of delightful morcels.

Brunch takes buffets to another level. So you will need long tables, pretty plates, serviettes and cutlery to go with your wedding theme, tables and chairs where your guests can relax and chat with their food and lots of variety.

Fresh fruit, crispy bacon, eggs, smoked samon, a range of breads and even gateaux, cakes and pastries. And don’t forget the drinks – juice, water, coffee, tea and even a bit of sparkling wine. Perfect!

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Image by Nobelpig via Pinterest

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, a brunch can sit nicely next to an outdoor altar and lets your guests flow casually from the ceremony to the reception.

Learn more about “Alba Catering”
Image by Alba Catering
Learn more about “Alba Catering”
Image by Alba Catering
Image by Stylemepretty via Pinterest
Image by Stylemepretty via Pinterest

And if a wedding brunch means casual dining, remember that your decoration and dress can also be casual. Or what about a city-style wedding (including a beautiful short wedding dress for the bride!) with a hotel brunch…gorgeous!

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As for flowers, whether your colour scheme uses bright colours or pastels, always combine your flowers with elegant whites and ivories for that stylish, shabby chic touch.

Learn more about “I Fiori di Nadia”
I Fiori di Nadia
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If you need more pointers, why not check out this practical guide to planning a wedding brunch!

And don’t forget to accompany your perfect wedding food with a jazz band or chill out music and why not add scented candles on the guests’ tables, to really ease them into that Sunday morning vibe.


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